Friday, December 18, 2009

Banned creams is baaaad for you (and me too!)

If you have been using the below creams...

1.Felisa Gentle Peeling Solution
2.Krim Malam Rahsia Rimba
3. Biocosmet Whitening Essence Cream
4. H2O + Waterwhite Brightening Night Cream
5. Magixpress Lightening Plus
6. A.Vant Cream
7. Eriesya Spa Beauty Cream
8. Natasya Krim Herba

this is Natasya Herbal Cream. i know because i've been using this one too!

9. Temulawak Whitening Pearl Cream Papaya
10. Ratna Sari Whitening Night Cream
11.Atika Beauty Renewal Night Cream
12.Chantique Whitening Night Cream

..then think again. Because the above creams has been banned by the National Pharmaceutical Control Bureau (NPCB) since they contain ingredients, including scheduled poisons, that are dangerous to health. Read more about it here.

I did use Natasya a few times and I guess it's kinda frustrating to know about this since the cream has work quite well. Anyway any suggestion for any skin care that will work well with this pizza face of mine? Is Himalaya pimple range any good?
Seriously I am sooo desperate for a good skin care right now!

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azura said...

i deem that it's not wise to use any pimple cream while you're preggy. some of the pimples/acne medication contain substance that is harmful for ur baby inside the womb(teratogenic-google this). the chemicals can penetrate into your skin and somehow will affect ur baby's health and development.

but hey, that's just my two cents. consult your doctor for medical advise :)


p/s: i never bought any cream or pills from those manufacturers- sendayu tinggi etc. we dont know the contents and there's no FDA approval. i advise you better buy products on the pharmacy's shelves. though a bit pricey tapi keselamatannya dijamin :)

Confession of a Coffeeholic Mama-Miya said...

i used the "temulawak" b4, after that naik hyperpigmentation. after that mmg i tak percaya byk product2 gini.

Salwa said...

Thanks for this info!
luckily i've been using ageless, and it works like wonder
Its US's product, maybe u should have a try on it
AGELESS: Antioxidants in skincare line

Z G M said...

i used temulawak too, zaman skool. Mula ok n licin...but biler expose ngn sun-hyperpigmentation .

so i switch ngn DALACIN-T. Farmasi or clinic nyer product. effective 4 me. no need any oth cream anymore.

for scar...i guna RETIN-A. also clinic n farmasi nyer product. :D

seriously, dont use any whitening product or even facial foam with whitening ingredients. TRUST ME.

supermummy said...

azura, yup i agree kalau pregnant mmg tak boleh sukahati guna skincare. Am seriously considering guna natural one mcm tomato and honey. mama miya, btol sbb mcm byk side effects je..salwa, thnks for sharing too!

supermummy said...

zgm, alamak kalau pregnant retin a is a big no no.not so sure about dalacin t.

Mommy Lyna said...

Take vitamin E (makan, bukan yg lumur tu) for better skin.

Liza said...

thanks for the info. tak penah use those product before. me? i use olay total effect and biotherm, nak pakai biotherm the whole time tak mampu so just use the night cream jer

mariaariffbaby said...

thats great info!!

thanks mommy!

AlohaMolly said...

Hi Supermummy,

Just tot of sharing..cos I oso having pimple-proned skin especially during pregnancy and after becoming a mom with no enuf zzzz....and crazy hormones acting up each month.

I tried several products but none is as effective as Nuskin Clear Action Pack. Seriously, I used it for my "spring-cleaning" so to clean up the pimples scar and damage! It works like magic to me!

Now my skin is back to control again..Thanks to the Clear Action Pack!

Not trying to sell the brand but this particular range they have had saved me thrice :P


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