Monday, November 30, 2009

Watching New Moon without vomitting everytime Jacob appear

Spank me for not being rajin enough to update. Seriously, it's the baby growing inside of me. It took really great effort to wake up and come to the office. And this come from someone who used to love coming to the office.

Oh hey, I watched New Moon last Saturday - thanks to Husband who is ever willing to take care of Husayn while I went to watch movies with my two sisters.
Ok, lepas tu sibuk nak beli popcorn dan ambik gambar sampai terlepas first 5 minutes of New Moon! Haha.

Despite the fact that Edward was absent most of the movie, I like New Moon better than Twilight. I even cried during the break up scene and I thought Bella's experession was priceless. And I was reading a New Moon review in Harian Metro yesterday and they actually keep asking why Bella did not cry. Seriously, have they read New Moon? I also don't get it why Jacob need to be topless most of the time, yet he wears a sleeveless tshirt while he was asleep. Haha, not a big fan of Taylor's buff body. Sorry.

And Edward's clothes is so 109 year old because he keep wearing this old fashion tweed suit. Now for my favourite scene, it has to be any scenes with the Volturi in it. Michael Sheen as Aro was flawless and downright scary and Dakota Fanning as Jane seriously worth every penny. The fight scene is not in the book, but I really love that scene and the background music!

I do think that most of the scenes involving Bella and Edward are rushed especially the "I can't live in a world where you don't exist" scene which actually should happen after they get back from Italy, kinda disappointed that they rush through the voting scene and did not get to see Edward breaking things. Just like Twilight, the soundtrack for New Moon is super awesome! One of my favourite would be watching the sequences of Victoria chase, up until Bella jumping off the cliff to the sound of Thom Yorke's Hearing Damage. Alexandre Desplat's haunting score just make the Italy scene one of the most unforgettable scene in the film.

If you haven't already, go read the book and then watch the movie. It will make you appreciate and understand more. Hey, I even managed to watch this movie without puking everytime Jacob comes on screen or try to kiss Bella. Can't wait for Eclipse already!

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Hanz said...

am so envy U! Bilalah me nak gi tengok ni???

okinokiyo said...

Eh i pun rasa i suka new moon compared to twilight sbb feelingnye sampai.

Jacob tu belasah jek hahah dahla pendek asyik nak bukak baju jek

nURmALa mAZLan said...

kita pon gi tgk last saturday kat the curve..tgk midnight..

new moon movie are for people who read the books. it's a love story. how the vampire & werewolf would sacrifice themselves for the person they love... cite yg buat kan kita rasa if only there's someone who love us like edward love bella.....
lain kali baca all the books 1st laaa, baru boleh menghayati the story....

CatlinaFly said...

waa..nak tgk gak...tapi tak sempat lagi nak gi.i actually dah baca sinopsis novel twilight saga.maybe nak beli novel dia kot nanti....can't wait for next sequel...esp bila...hehhehe..kang jadi spoiler lak :) yang si jacob tu rupanye dah ade dlm first movie, tak perasa sbb kat poster movie rambut dia pendek

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