Monday, November 16, 2009

I wish I could just stay at home and hide under the blanket today

I totally have forgotten how it feels like to be pregnant. I totally have forgotten how I used to feel like taking a 3 months break for the first 3 months of my pregnancy with Husayn. And now it's happening all over again!

Today I drive to work feeling like vomitting all over the car, but of course I restrained because I was the one driving. I was seeing doubles with cars all around me thanks to this splitting headache. In fact I spent my weekend mostly on my bed, under the blanket too tired to even care what's going on around me. If before this, I was so restless at home with nothing to do, but during this first 3 months all I want is stay at home, in the comfort of my blanket.

Eh, I got my first craving too on Saturday! I was reaaaally craving for KFC Hot & Spicy but since my mother already cooked lunch, I just eat whatever is being cooked. But then I called Husband who happened to be near KFC that time. Around 10 minutes, after I finished my lunch, I was presented with the KFC. Heavenly!

Thank goodness for KFC!

I haven't start puking yet which really surprised me, but I feel sick in my throat. Currently, I can't stand the smell of fried chicken (well,except KFC obviously.Haha), can't stand the smell of ikan goreng, I eat while holding my breath, I can't stand any perfume smell - well I still spray perfume on myself but again, I tried to breathe via my mouth instead. I also get mad easily especially to Husband and I somehow find myself get depress easily. I eat lots and lots of oranges because that's the only food that can make my throat 'feel' and I hate plain water because it taste so dry but I force myself to drink it anyway.

Seriously I just want to get over this first 3 months as soon as possible. Urgh!

p/s: thanks to all who enter the MSREAD contest. I think I'll close the contest by midnight today. Even if there's only 3 of you. Hihi. What ever happen to the rest?

2 superstars:

nURmALa mAZLan said...

nak KFC...
dari aritu x dapat2

Zuhaini said...

erm.. tahniah di atas pregnancy u... :) bestnya husayn nak dapat adik!!! :)

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