Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Howling at the New Moon

I am counting days until New Moon, but seriously among all the books in Twilight Saga, New Moon is the one that I hated reading most. I mean Edward leaving Bella because of the paper cut? And then having to read Jacob trying to be best friend and woo her 3/4 of the novel is not exactly my favourite reading either. In fact I was reading the Jacob part so fast and keep checking which page Edward will reappear again. Haha.

No prize for guessing whether I am Team Jacob or Edward there because it is just sooo obvious. Sorry, all this Twilight stuff just bring out the 14 year old girl in me. Heheh.

So why would I want to watch New Moon? My Lurve Affair is with Twilight and I got two interviews at 8tv Quickie to prove that, what do you expect kan. Of course I want to watch New Moon, in fact I have my own little New Moon countdown!

Oh and have you seen how I decorate the house too?

Might need to change the poster to New Moon!

And I also have all the books, framed the movie quotes and read the books with red candles around me while eating apples. Yea, I'm weird liddat. Hihi.

And then the most important reason why I want to watch New Moon, well beside the Edward-Bella reunion kiss that is (altogether now, squee! too passionate though, the censorship board might snip snip some goodness there.haha), would be the Volturi.

For their evil-ness badass vampires royalty, I thought the Volturi is supercool, sort of like the Mafia thing in the Godfather.
They are so evil, they make you shudder, but their accents are so sexy, it makes me drooool! My favourite is the long haired platinum blonde Jamie Campbell Bower who played Caius and..

the other one would be Charlie Bewley who played Demetri!

Oh, and cannot wait to see Dakota Fanning played Jane too! She usually play all this good girl types of role and she'll be playing the androgynously looking vampire who has the ability to inflict pain with her thoughts.

Seriously Nuffnang, just gimme the tickets to New Moon already! I promise I'll be good when they keep showing Jacob's face. :)

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♥cybermummy♥ said...

Hahhaa.. i did the same thing . First time i read the book i just flip past the Jacob part and come to edward reappearing . I only read the whole book thoroughly the second time : p (me too waiting impatiently for the movie )

Hanz said...

i sort of like Jacob in the beginning but the last book made me feel hatred & disgusted towards him!!! saw few version of the treler & indeed the volturi is so violence.Poor Edward!!
Me can't wait the reunion part too! (squeal with delight!!)

Ms Lola said...

Ditto!!!!! Off all 4, I hate New Moon the most.

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