Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Finding that nice and less than RM200 handbag

My current handbag is so kesian because the kulit has started to fall over. My mom laughed at me when she saw the bag and said "dah takde duit sangat nak beli beg ke apa?"

Haha. Ouch there. But I love that bag to death so I was wearing that bag to death. And I guess that bag also is nearing its untimely death. *sob!sob!*

Yes the above is the current bag of mine. Kesian kan. Tesco punya plastic bag pun looks nicer than my work bag. Haha. I swear I tried to buy a new bag last weekend. But the bags that I saw were either too big/ too small/ not in my preferred colour/ too pricey yadda yadda. I was cursing every bags that I saw because nothing seems to scream "buy me! buy me!". And I was searching for less than RM200 bag due to financial constraint this month which I really really despise but I am learning to live with it.

And then yesterday while browsing over at Alice Wonders website I saw this darling:
Selling for RM72 only and best of all I can pay via PayPal which I just found out have enough money to pay for the above bag. Yippee! You might remember I've run a contest before sponsored by Alice Wonders, but believe me this is no advertorials. I'm waiting for that purple darling and will update you once it arrive!

It better be good. Hihihi.

6 superstars:

Hanz said...

the current newcoming bag kat Alice Wonder buat me gatal tangan nak membeli jugak! he,he..

Ied @ May said...

hensem sunggu be itu. aku mau satu!!!

okinokiyo said...

lawa la yg ni i nak beli jugakkk haha

Farah said...

mase nak menunggu dpt handbag baru i pakai paperbag dulu hahaha..

MommyCT said...

nice!..Alice wonders ni mmg cantik2 gak pilihan bag.

fathinz md nor said...

beb, aku pun sangat desperate in need of a new handbeg..! ko buat aku rasa cam nk beli hari ni jugak..

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