Monday, November 9, 2009

The Fabulous MS READ!

Last week has been sooo busy which is why I was not updating daily, but fret not.. today I am not only back with a post, but a contest too!

I am sure most of you have heard of the brand MS READ. Established in 1997 by Helen Read, MS READ brings to fashion, a refreshed palate of sizes for the natural women. Comfortable, liberating, and in keeping with trends in vogue, MS READ aims to enliven the silhouette of women who wear sizes 12 through 22. Specialised in plus sizes, MS READ is perfect for your work, casual outing and even bedtime!

Seriously, siapa cakap plus sizes women cannot bergaya?

Oh ya, best of all you can also shop MS READ online at so you don't have to leave the comfort of your room or office. Click here, click there, dapat shopping banyak-banyak baju! Heavenly,kan?

And today, I am soo excited to inform you guys that MS READ has been kind enough to sponsor a RM100 online shopping voucher for the winner to shop at MS READ online shop! So what you have to do to win this voucher? Read on..

1. Create a blog post in your blog entitled "Gimme that shopping voucher, MS READ!"

2. Name Ms Read current collection (hint: answer can be find at and just watch the flash presentation on the main page.)

3. Choose your favourite MS READ outfit from the online catalogue and paste it in your blog post.

4. Don't forget to link your blog post to
MS READ website and Malaysian Supermummy!

5. Lastly, leave a comment in this post so I know that you have done the blog post.

That's all really, I know it's kinda wordy, tapi it's quite simple really..hehe.Unfortunately I have only one prize which is the RM100 MS READ voucher for online shopping at MS READ online shop.

Deadline is next Monday, 16 November 2009.

The lucky winner will be chosen by the correct answer and then I will do a lucky draw based on the bloggers with correct answer. So, anybody have a chance to win, so good luck to all!

10 superstars:

atty's said...

macam besh .tp bz lak masa nie .

nURmALa mAZLan said...

kita pon plus size pe..boleh jer bergaya..sapa nak kesah kan?? ehehehehe~

mama zharfan said...

me nak join, tp tak tau jwpn...dah surf website ms read tu, tp kecik sgt tulisan/blur utk yg flash mode/latest collection camner ni...

supermummy said...

mama zharfan, nampak tak yg flash tu? situ ada jawapan dia..hint dia..start dengan huruf f...

mama zharfan said...

orait rasanyer dah dpt jwpan nyer...nanti i join ur contest yer...mana tau kot2 ada luck menang ;)

AlohaMolly said...

Hi Supermummy,
here is my entry

harap ada rezeki.

Btw congrats on ur pregnancy ;)


mommy gaby said...

hai supermummy.
I'm big fan MsREAD.


Thank u.

mama zharfan said...

ho dear
i dah join:


Aishah Megahasz said...

Tengok contest ni dari last week tapi tak sempat nak buat entry. Nasib baik ada masa lagi nak hantar. Thanks

鐵火卷John said...


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