Thursday, October 29, 2009

You scared the living hell out of me Noah Cyrus!

This is Noah Cyrus, adik kepada Miley Cyrus. And she is 9 years old yet I thought she looks like a 52-year-old woman stuck in a little girl's body. Seriously the first time I looked at the above pic I was like "eh keciknya saiz makcik ni" while wondering who the heck is that. And then I found out she's 9. And I rubbed my eyes again and again.

Please don't age your child like this. It is scaring the heck out of me. On second thought, maybe she asked for it, but then she's only 9. Can't blame her, after all she's Miley Cyrus' sister kan...Ph takpun, dia tengah practice untuk Halloween costume since Halloween is just around the corner kannnnn..haha

5 superstars:

okinokiyo said...

statement tak agak-agakk..but seriously betul mcm makcik2..

hahaah kelakar giler la u nihhh mmg betul la leh jadik pengkritik..:p

Arin said...

alahai, kesian budak nih..must be her manager ke apa ke yang suh pakai gini..

Farah said...

adik superstar mesti sangat spoil dan lagi teruk dari kakak/abangnye..example tgk je adik britney spears

Izyan J said...

it's camera trick i think :)

Ain Archie said...

nmpk okey je. well, budak2 skang nie bkn mcm dulu2. she looks fantastic! errr,

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