Monday, October 12, 2009

Why kids ask the darndest question and I will always be clueless to answer?

We were in the car back from open house yesterday. Husayn was holding the five ringgit duit raya that he got while Husband was driving. Suddenly Husayn blurted out, while pointing at the image of the first Yang Dipertuan Agong of Malaysia.

Husayn : Mama, ni atuk ke mama?
Me : Ha'ah..atuk la tu kot (in lazy tone, of course)
Husayn : Atuk ni jadi pengantin ke mama?

Hahaha. It took me a while to sink in what did he just say, but then I just realised the Agong was wearing the head gear that is usually associated with pengantin, so no wonder Husayn thought of that.

Oh my, seriously I have never even bother to look at that image on the ringgit note! Now, that I actually wiki-ed about the ringgit, I just realised that the name of the 'atuk' on Malaysia bank notes is actually Tuanku Abdul Rahman (not to be confused with the first Prime Minister), the first Yang Dipertuan Agong of Malaysia.

I used to think that ignorance is bliss, but now when I have a kid I think ignorance will make you look like an idiot because kids expects you to know everything these days!

They do grow up very fast, don't they?

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azzamoro said...

kelakarla cara bebudak bertanyakan. tapi, so cute aa. tak sabar nak tunggu anak sendiri pandai cakap. hihi

nURmALa mAZLan said...

atuk tu nak kahwin husyan cakap

kekadang kita ni x amik port..
nnt bila bebudak tanya, kita x tau nak jwb apakan
bebudak ni dah la soalan dia yg x tercapai dek akal punya

Hanz said...

this reminds me my used to be lil girl yg I babysit since lepas pantang till she's 1 year plus,masa study part-time, single-mingle dulu..she came on my wedding day, she refused to go near me masa me tengah makan bersantap. U know what she said, "Acu, macam Queen.." & she's only like 4 years old.. :P

Ms Lola said...

i like this post. (is there any 'like' button here?)

supermummy said...

azzamoro, bila dia dah start cakap mak aii..dah tak berhenti2 la pulak..dulu i mcm u jugak tak sabar tunggu anak cakap..haha

nurmala, haha..betol2...soalan dia advance sgt sampai maknya jadi blur..

hanz,hahaha..wah hebat tu kira dia puji la tu mcm queen

ms lola, hahaha..nnt kena cari 'like' punya widget. in the meantime silalah ke facebook..kehkeh

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