Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Twitter madness

When I first knew about Twitter, I thought who on earth would want to blog for only 140 characters? I don't understand the madness at first, but I signed up for it anyway. And then I watched the MTV Movie Awards live streaming from my office pc and I got the streaming link from Twitter. That was the moment I started to appreciate Twitter more!

I guess Twitter is more or less like Facebook status, but with less hassle. So if you have Twitter and wondering who to follow, here's my list. Take note that the list below are all local ya.

I will start with mine of course. You can follow mine at:

I'm too lazy to upload any Twitpic, but I do update everyday. Hehe.

Then there's the local celebrities of course.

Or fancy following local politicians?

You can stalk your favourite local bloggers too!

Well, if you have your Twitter, or any favourite Twitter people that you want to share, do leave a comment ya! Thankies :)

p/s:if you haven't got your Twitter account, I'd say go register today!

7 superstars:

KambingBujang said...

i pn ader twitter.

precious innocent said...

oh, i'm listed.. tharunya... kiranya i nie famous la jugak ek?


ps.. nnt kalau dah dpt churp2 jgn lupa kat geng aaa... nanana

-mama emma®-

eynda said...

Malu tak...eynda ada twitter tapi tak reti guna hehe..

Signorina Syima said...

i want to be listed too.... huhuhuh

ilyia nur ab rahman said...

me too!!

supermummy said...

nnt i add u all ya..and i'll include all ur twitter in the above list..thankies!

eynda, tak reti part mana..meh sini i ajar..kehkeh

m@Ri@ said...

maria br start ada masih mencari ape sbb maria join twitter..hehe..n tak reti mcmn nk tempek kat blog lg..hehe..

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