Monday, October 19, 2009

That awesome Windows 7!

Shooting for the Windows 7 video was super hard for me. Honestly, give me live tv with interviewer anytime and I think I can answer the questions better. But when people ask me to talk as the camera rolling without any interviewer to back me up, I started to stutter. Which is bad. And time consuming. Oh and nervous wreck too.

I also got to experience Windows 7 which is so awesome! I mean I never get excited about an OS before but I think Microsoft really outdone themselves this time. In the video, I did mention about the Aeropeek features where you have all this thumbnails of your programmes on your taskbar. Seriously with Aeropeek you just hover your mouse on your programme icon, and all the thumbnails of your currently opened programmes will appear. If you are still blur on what am I talking about, I'd say you have to experience it for yourself to really appreciate it!

Ok I think I look horrible in the above pic so I am just going to hide now. Tihihi. And I still can't watch myself on video. It's just too terrible for me. Haha.

See ya!

p/s: Oh I forgot- go to Windows 7 Malaysia website to see who else is the other Windows 7 Trust Personalities and enter the web hunt contest to win a notebook!

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