Friday, October 16, 2009

Super lazy entry is not recommended


Lazy today.

Stomach still bloating.

3 open houses and counting.

I am so hopeless at cooking that I screwed up my dadih last night.

It was instant dadih. And I blew it.

Thank goodness for the trifles.

Husayn threw tantrums at babysitter's house this morning.

Last night spent time chasing him around balai polis.

Don't get me wrong.

He's not arrested by police or something.

We attended Balai Polis Damansara Utama makan-makan last night.

Now my stomach is suffering.

I hope I make it through the day.

Sorry for updating like this. I have my first makan-makan this morning in 5 minutes.

Oh Syawal, you're making me gain weight again!

3 superstars:

Hanz said...

If you are on diet then..there goes my diet down...down..down the drain..lose 2-3 kg during Ramadhan, add 3-4 kg during Syawal.Blame it to OPEN HOUSE! LOL

nURmALa mAZLan said...

ye la....
every week got open hse
diet pon ntah kemana
punggung semakin melebar ni

supermummy said...

hahaha mmg..banyak sangat open house ni memang memudaratkan..hahha

ahaha..takpe mala..punggung lebar baru seksi..kehkeh

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