Thursday, October 1, 2009

Pretty breast pad, Suri Cruise high heels and little vampire pacifier for a darling day

Guess what is that pink darling on the above pic? It's actually breast pads and I thought it is so really pretty! I won't have the heart to use it as a breast pad though. I might turn it into a coaster or something. It's too pretty to be hidden inside the bra all day. Haha.

And Suri Cruise is totally adorable in the above pic! She's like only 3 years old and she got her high heels already! Of course that high heels are custom made, I mean when you have mega rich parents like Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes what did ya expect right?

I also thought the above pacifier would be perfect for Husayn! Well, at least other kids will know how lethal his teeth are and will at least save me from apologizing to other mommies everytime he bites other kids.

I'm off for now, catch with you guys later!

5 superstars:

Farah said...

mane nak dpt breast pad tu intan?

zh-ena said...

comelnya suri tu kan

nURmALa mAZLan said...

comel nyer suri kak

azura said...

hahahaha very cool, for those three!

supermummy said...

farah, kat sini..

zh-ena, haah memang..sungguh comel dan style yang hebat!

nurmala, aah betol, sampai membuatkan rasa nak anak perempuan cepat2..hahaha

azura, hahaa..ok sekali lagi sebenarnya ini adalah entry tak ada idea..heheh..apa2 pon thank you so much!

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