Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Mata seperti kena tumbuk tetapi comel.

Remember my post a few months back on Husayn's eyes which was stung by a bee? Somehow during the weekend he got stung by something again and look what happened to his eyes.

I thought it looks kinda painful but he was happily playing and running riots around the house. He kept looking at the mirror though. Haha. Since he first got stung a few months ago, we have a few cases where the skin underneath his eyes will go swollen a little bit, but not too often lah and certainly not as worse as the above pic.

We went to the doctor on Sunday and the eyes has gone back to normal, alhamdulillah. Oh yes, I also just realised that Husayn did not cry like he usually did when he go to see doctor. In fact he happily asked some chewy vitamin from the doctor which is so unlike him when it comes to strangers. He also said "terima kasih doktor!" which surprised me even more!

Oh well, the mind of a 2 1/2 year old. I could never understand.

7 superstars:

ilyia nur ab rahman said...

ciannye adik husayn..u're such a good boy!

zh-ena said...

kena lg..kesian husayn

supermummy said...

ilyia, aa good boy ke? haha kena tengok camana dia tak boleh duduk diam langsung dan asyik serang anak orang kat tempat babysitter..peninggg

zh-ena, aha tu la..

azzamoro said...

wah.. i tengok pun mcm sakit giler. dia rileks jerk eh boleh main2..

Farah said...

ala siannye husayn..tapi kuat tak nangis pon ek..

nURmALa mAZLan said...

sian nyer husayn..
x per²..still comel

supermummy said...

azzamoro, haha tu la pasal..i pon pelik..cuma dia asyik tengok cermin je la..

farah, ahaha..itu la..i tengok pulak rasa mcm sakit

nurmala, isk comel tu bolehlah, tapi lari sana lari sini, tak boleh duduk diam..mak aii..

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