Thursday, October 8, 2009

I'm not sure why I have forgotten my husband's birthday.

I feel kinda horrible because I have totally forgotten that today is my husband's birthday. But since he was being a jerk last week, so I guess I feel better. Some excuse, huh?

But seriously, he can be the world's biggest jerk and sometimes he can be caring and massage my troubled tummy all night because I asked him to (though he will said that ala..mengada ngada je lebih ni), but since he's my husband I guess you just learn to love all those imperfect flaws since that's just him. Our life is not all bed and roses and happily ever after type, I mean we do have screaming match sometimes with days of ignoring each other, but I guess all couples do argue right.

Happy Birthday Husband! Semoga cepat matang and May you be richer than Bill Gates so we can go jetsetting around the world and go shopping without worrying about money! Aminnn.. Hahaha.

I'm not kidding when I said "semoga cepat matang". hahah

3 superstars:

Arin said...

tuh beskal husayn ke?kaler cam beskal hanum kat umah tokma kat melaka..

zh-ena said...

la cam ner blh naik basikal husayn tu..kelakar la

supermummy said...

arin, hahaha..aah basikal husayn la tu..warisan dari uncle dia..heheh

zh-ena hahah..buang tabiat mungkin..kehkeh

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