Friday, October 2, 2009

I love you Celcom but sometimes you just sucks

Dear Celcom which is supposed to be 2009 Malaysia Frost & Sullivan Service Provider of the year,

It wasn't funny when I was on a one week Raya break and cannot think of living without internet, so I decided to subscribe to Celcom Broadband Weekly Unlimited Plan which you have made me part with my RM20 for a 7 days internet access and then I ended up getting the internet access for around 3 hours after my subscription and then for the rest of of the remaining hours in 7 days I don't get anything. Which is pissing me off. I was in Bandaraya Ipoh for goodness' sake, not in some secluded kebun in my kampung. And worst of all I don't even have Celcom service centre number. By the time I'm in KL the subscription has ended and I am too lazy to call Celcom service centre but then thinking about the RM20 I decided to write this post, you Celcom dweeb.

But then I still love you.

Because unlike my auntie who is using the "yellow" provider and she actually has to went out of the house to get clear reception in my kampung, and my uncle who is using your biggest rival number and still get crappy reception. In Kampung Parit Semarang, Celcom do prevails and for that I love you the most and I guess your shortcomings are forgivable. Even though you also have network problems during the Hari Raya.

So have anybody use any other Celcom Broadband? Is it better than Streamyx in terms of speed? I guess for the time being I am content with my house's Streamyx wi-fi, thank you very much. Well, after all my dad paid for that one so no complaints there. Heheh.

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etomyam said...

I've been using Celcom 013 since 2003 (tmtouch at that time) and till now still loyal to the service...somehow there isn't any loyalty points or bonus given....huk alah sodey betul....the best they can offer just Thanks for using celcom, we now offering...!haiyoh..another business laaa kah3

James said...

If you want to try something new, pimp your broadband @ :)

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