Friday, October 9, 2009

I dream of going backpacking to Europe

I was day dreaming about backpacking to Europe when I found this website about well, sleeping in the airports. Did you know that Paris' Charles de Gaulle's airport is voted the worst in the world? The review was hillarious. Here's some snippets:

"This is the worst airport I have ever been in (and I have been to the Bombay airport, so you can imagine)."

"Our wait was more than 5 hours and I could not believe the filth from hell, the bathrooms were worse than some I have seen in Africa! Smell of Urines all over the floor, feces on the walls, toilet papers all over the place, rude french workers. "

"CDG is the worst airport I have ever been too. I avoid it like the plague. If you must use it and will connect to another flight, be sure to have at least 3 hours between especially if the flight is a European one. better still, avoid CDG.It is a marvel of confusion, crowdedness, hostility and stress."

I have never been to Paris, let alone Charles de Gaulle. Any of you been there? I'm really curious to know whether CDG is as bad as it sounds. And while we're talking about airport let's see some reviews about our very own KLIA.

"KLIA is one of the best airports I have had the pleasure to pass through, the only one to come close is the new Hong Kong. "

But of course the best airport in the world is Singapore's Changi.

"Even if you have the cash to spring on a hotel room in Singapore, I would recommend a night in the airport."

Oh enough about all this airport thing, so who want to sponsor me for a backpacking trip around Europe? Haha. I seriously hope that I will manage to do this someday!

Happy weekend everyone!

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azura said...

yup, been to CDG airport back in 2004 (flight KL to swiss, transit at CDG. from CDG naik swiss air). didn't go to the washroom though. but we experienced delayed luggage arrival once arrived kat swiss. dah check in hotel kat swiss and lewat petang tu baru luggage sampai. and the airport mmg tak lawa. ada ke sediakan bas yang sardine-packed untuk bawak kitorang dari airplane ke main terminal? KLIA punya transit pun lagi canggih. perplexed at first but later i learnt paris ni indah khabar dari rupa jek sebenarnya.

supermummy said...

azura, tu la dgr mcm2 pasal cdg ni..ada kata ramai org homeless la..kehkeh..mcm kelaka pulak sbb selalu dah terbiasa ngan klia je kan..nasib baik ur luggage sampai ye, kalau tak sampai lagi hangin..heheh

AinArchie said...

selalunya kalau pergi ke europe org turun kat Heathrow Airport kat London. huhu :)

Hanz said...

Airport kat Jeddah pun teruk tau Intan, smells..urine...feces..experienced by yours truly

My brother said French ppl memang pengotor sikit, not only airport kotor, the town itself (the whole country) is dirty & they can simply spit wherever they like!

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