Monday, October 5, 2009

Friday I'm in love - with food and open house. Seriously good until you cannot think!

My first open house during the weekend started on Friday night at my auntie's. This is the very same place that I did my LURVE Affair with Twilight video shooting so, that will explain why her place looks familiar.

That is the tuan rumah who is also my auntie. Her open house started on Friday noon, she is a tai-tai who is currently not working so that's why her open house is on Friday. She's going to start working really soon though, I think-lah..haha.

She has laksa johor and some nasi impit and rendang for the menu. I of course keep my concentration on the laksa johor. Nyummeh!

My parents went to Johor Bahru that day, so I ended up coming with my sister, Ina who surprisingly went home that day. On the left is my brother who came with his...

GIRLFRIEND lah..who else.

Seriously that Friday was tiring. I was stuck in a meeting until 6 something, reached home around 7 something, went to this open house at 9 something. Damn sleepy lah...

While we were eating, Husayn was running around the house, playing with toys and even PS2!

We actually ended up sleeping at my auntie's house that night! Actually the distance between my auntie's and my house is not that far, but well it's midnight already and what the heck .

Husayn was of course so happy when we decided to stay. After all, my auntie's house is his favourite. The reason? As Husayn eloquently puts it "Rumah nenek mummy best mama..ada banyak mainan!" Haha. Oh yes, his nenek mummy also gave him the above bicycle so he went back home grinning and showing off the bicycle.

That Saturday morning we also got to watch the RMAF Airshow, live from Nenek Mummy's bedroom window. That save us from going to Subang to watch the airshow. The traffic outside was seriously crawling and I am seriously glad we can just watch the jets flying by at the comfort of the bedroom. Nice one! Not to mention good view too!

Well, I guess that's all for now. Catch ya later!

2 superstars:

precious innocent said...

mana nak cari laksa johor yg sedap? i teringin giler nie...

-mama emma®-

supermummy said...

emma, laksa johor sedap kat rumah i laa...meh datang nanti suruh mak i buat yg power punya..kehkeh

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