Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Will the real Crocs please stand up

Lately there's been so many blog shops have started to sell Crocs at a cheaper price than retail outlets. Been lusting to get my hands on the above Berry coloured Havana Crocs and of course I am looking at cheaper price Crocs too. But then I read this article in The Star on Monday and then this.

Is it true? Well I know you can find loads of Crocs look-a-like in Tesco, Giants or any supermarkets for that matter. Heck I even bought two Crocs look-a-like for Husayn at just RM10. But I don't know that they actually have imitated Crocs up until the Crocs logo. I was just wondering is the Crocs that are being widely sold in blogshops and night markets is the real, genuine Crocs?

p/s:ini adalah pertanyaan ikhlas ye. bukan nak menjatuhkan perniagaan sesiapa. terima kasih..

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Zuhaini said...

saya pun tak tau.. tapi kasut alia saya beli di JJ, ala-ala croc jugak la.. tapi nampak sangat dia immitation.. hihi.. rm10 je! :D

KambingBujang said...

aahhh mmg total the same. difficult to recognize which one is original and which one is fake. bcoz both of them are made from china.

ShaMytO said...

me pun quite confused whether crocs yg dijual selain kat outlet genuine or not..
haritu g TAR pun ade jumpe owg jual..telek punyer telek..
it made from china/thai..
so i guess it the same yg dijual thru blogshop.correct me if i'm wrong k..

(kasut adidas pun ade yg made in thai gak kan..hehe)

ilyia nur ab rahman said...

takpe pakai crocs yang tak ori pon orang bukannya cek smpi kaki kite ke tak..yg penting dpt bergaya n bajetnya rendah..tol tak?

nsst@bingo said...

i've been experienced through all this before..
you can link to my friend's blog that sell crocs here..

read the Original VS Imitation crocs in her blog then you'll know what is the differences..
i also bought and sell a lots of crocs from blogs that sell crocs and they're all genuine..

p/s:she is selling original,cheap crocs and besides that,you'll get a free gift..
so why think twice? jump to her blog now :)

crocs lover~

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