Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Why orang Johor keep referring Johor Bahru as only Johor?

Husayn went all doe-eyed - sungguh angelic, I don't even know how did i ever manage to snap this pic!

We went to Johor Bahru on Saturday - yep there were my parents, Husband, Husayn and of course yours truly. My parents were actually making their weekly visits to JB since their house in JB is under renovation. So since the car is empty, my mother asked us to tag along, to which of course we agreed happily. Free trip oi, siapa tak nak. Kihkih.

When we arrived there, it was scorching hot. This is the house that I spent my early childhood, but unfortunately I cannot remember a thing. Once I stepped inside the house, I understand why my siblings likened this house to a haunted house. Kehkeh.

If the weather outside was scorching hot, the inside was full of dust. Seriously 2 minutes in here and I felt like running out already. Abah actually bought this house for a cool RM48k back in the late 70s. I bet on my Shin Chan t-shirt (which is my most favourite shirt in the world. probably will write about that someday though nobody will be interested anyway) that you wont' find any 2-storey terrace in Johor Bahru with that very same price right now. No wonder I still cannot afford to buy a place of my own.

Husayn was getting grumpier by the minute since some of the workers try to kacau him. He either said:
1. mama nak balik!
2. mama takut!
3. mama nak duduk kat kereta!

We ended up agreeing on the latter. And then the more I play with Husayn's hair, the harder it will take to cut off that locks. Eh suddenly different topic. Haha.

After that we were off to UTM Skudai to visit my sister. Mother bought her some food at UTM's Pasar Ramadhan and I just realised that most of the food there were Nasi Kerabu and none are selling creme caramel. Ok, so I was lusting after creme caramel and was hoping to find it there. But there was none. Totally devastated.

Husayn was of course doing his mengada ngada best and asked my sister, Acik to carry him around. That night we ended up sleeping at our kampung in Batu Pahat. The whole day was seriously tiresome until I ended up missing that night's Manchester United vs Arsenal. Anyway that was the first question that I asked husband when I woke up the following morning, "siapa menang malam tadi?" I am so not romantic. Haha. Well I guess Bill Shankly sum it all the best ""Football isn't a matter of life or death, it's much more important than that." No wonder you see more and more football players drop down and died on the pitch. Heheh.

5 superstars:

Zuhaini said...

alahai comelnya husayn.. :)

oh.. rumah parents u tgh renovate.. sempat ke siap untuk raya tu...?

azzamoro said...

wah..i miss johor & batupahat already. tak saba nak balik raye...

nURmALa mAZLan said...

kak, kg kita kat batu pahat juga =)

YatieJay said...

U should go to BBU's bazar ramadhan...Ada 2-3 gerai yg jual cream caramel tu.....

I rembat 3 slices sekali! Heheheee...

supermummy said...

aa rumah diaorang yg tetap kat pj yg i tumpang sekaki sekarang ni.rumah kat jb tu previously sewakan, tapi penyewa sudah selamat dihalau keluar kerana tidak membayar sewa..renovate ni saja je..utk istana hinggap agaknya..hahah

ala jelesnya dapat balik raya ke negeri johor. tahun ni i adalah giliran di perak..kehkeh

ya ke? wah wah..parit apa ni?

bbu tu stand for what ya? takpe..ari ni planning pegi ttdi punya bazaar..tu pon kalau rajin la..hahaha

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