Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Shopping expedition go haywire

Have you start your Raya shopping yet?

I tried to, knowing I was off for 4 days but only managed to go to the shopping mall on Monday. The mission? To find Husayn's shirts and jeans.
We started at Ikano since I was so keen to go to Brands Outlet. A lot of nice stuff at Brands Outlet but nothing really catch my mind. I mean there's actually no "I just have to buy this shirt" feeling! So I was browsing around, thinking what to buy when I ended up with the below:

3 for RM50 so I guess I kinda like that. Oh heck sue me for being so stingy! Haha. Seriously, I am not the kind of mother who is willing to part with my hard earned money to buy expensive t-shirt for Husayn. I have millions other things that I need to pay and there's the duit raya to think too!

After that we went to The Curve and all I got is this lousy t-shirt for myself..
Oh stop thinking about swear words when you see The F-Ups. It could be The Fun-Ups, The Fake-Ups, The Fear-Ups, The Fool-Ups. I mean it's however you want to see it. Move over Shin Chan t-shirt, this could be another contender for another favourite t-shirt. Did I say lousy shirt just now? Just kidding. And it's been ages since I last bought a t-shirt too!

I was searching high and low for Husayn's jeans and lastly we ended up at One Utama. As Husband went for Asar, I ended up taking care for Husayn. I thought of exploring the new wing area but somehow somebody has a better idea of spending his afternoon.

He refused to go to any shops and prefer to drive this cab instead. I really should have leave him at home with my mother or go to any mall that don't have any types of kiddie rides. Or else I will never finish my Raya shopping. Oh right, I forgot there's my Husband. Haha.

The hunt for the perfect (not to mention with reasonable price too!) jeans to be continued this weekend..

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Hanz said...

I'm yet doing any shopping...but actually my 2 boys already got their baju raya...bought 2 months ago..need to add more pyjamas & long pants..and for the Mama, sigh...I'm broke!

nURmALa mAZLan said...

dah siap² semua persiapan raya husayn..

Liza said...

i did my raya shopping 2 weeks before ramadhan sebab i nie lembik, tak larat nak gi crowded places, i'm like you, i don't really buy expensive bajus for my kids, they grow up so fast lah

aznitaz said...

dah start shopping sblm poser but end up still lots of things i need to buy..sbb duk sibuk beli utk my doter smpai lupakat si abg..poor boy..

supermummy said...

betolll..utk mama mmg dah takde...tapi takpe la..mama nya tak kisah sgt. yg penting anaknya hepi..kehkeh

ahaha..ada je yg tak settle lagi ni

betol mmg letih...

supermummy said...

alololo siannya..mentang2 girl byk baju comel2 yaaa..kehkeh..takpe byk masa lagi ni..cuma antara larat ngan tak je..heheh

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