Monday, September 14, 2009

Saturday Iftar is full of family, food, and whole lots of fun!

Went to my auntie Ucuk's house in Seremban 2 on Saturday for buka puasa with the whole family.

And I came to the buka puasa do only in a t-shirt layered with cardigan! Seriously malas nak fikir. Haha.

After terawih prayers, we went to play the mercun and bunga api. Husayn was of course afraid of the crackling sound so he did this instead..

Dah besar anak mama sebab dah pandai main PS2. Isk.

My auntie, Mak Yah who came all the way from JB with birthday cake. Dah macam hari raya pulak what's with all the rendang, ketupat, ayam masak kicap and of course bunga api. Meriah! Sort of consolation for me since I don't get to go back to my kampung for this year's raya. *sob*sob*

The birthday cake is for my father's birthday which is on Sept 11 and my uncle's which should be on Sept 16, so early celebration there for him!

The funnest thing of all is I got to watch my mother suap the cake which I might add is a very rare thing to watch!

Auntie Ucuk is at the right with her baby inside. Should pop out anytime soon, wish her for safe delivery.

Oklah, cannot believe it's the last week of puasa already! Time flies so fast and I'm off to watch MTV Video Music Awards streaming live on my pc. Shh..

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ya ke mala..wah happy belated birthday!

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