Friday, September 18, 2009

Rumah Titian Ashraful Rohaniah really need your help!

Zar from Sunshine Gift shop left this message in my comments box yesterday:

salam sis,
I'm asking a favor if you can post this at your blog. pledge for rumah titian ashraful rohaniah. details in my blog.

who ever balik kg to Perak/teluk intan can singgah to this home and hulur mana yg patut...

pls, pls...

Rumah Titian Ashraful Rohaniah really need your kind help! You can contribute in the form of food, clothes or donate your money to them.Banyak pahala menderma di bulan Ramadhan ni! So what are you waiting for? Ada duit lebih ke, baju lama yang elok lagi tak kisahla banyak ke sikit yang penting mesti ikhlas.

For more info regarding this, do visit

Thank you and selamat balik kampung y'all!

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