Sunday, September 6, 2009

Post Secret Sunday

Have you ever heard of the website Post Secret? The site is actually a site where people post postcards confessing their secret anonymously. So today, inspired by Post Secret, I present you 4 secrets of mine that I have never confessed to anyone or anywhere else before.

1. "I used to dance to Britney Spears' Hit me baby One More Time in my hostel room. With my room mate. I missed that time. And I admit that I missed the innocent Britney."

Britney's early stuff used to be my guilty pleasure. And then suddenly she turned into this stripper-like image it is really harrowing!

2. "I told my first boyfriend that I want to break up with him because I have other guy..The truth is I am just bored with him. He never knew that."

Hahaha. If you are wondering, I was 16 and I guess somehow I got creative and get carried away.

3. "My office has nearly 500 staff but less than 5 people know that I have a blog"

I like to keep it discreet. I like people think that I don't have blog. And Pizli accused me of having a double life ala Batman.

4. I hereby confess that I google-d, twitter-ed and You Tube-d Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart everyday.Have you seen the way they look at each other? I really wish they will just announce to the world that they are really engaged.

I wish I can stop about this whole Robsten thing. I have never ever been like this before with other celebrities. Must be the Edward and Bella thing. I am really annoyed with myself. Hahaha. But seriously go to Youtube and watch their stolen glances, secret smiles, and even t-shirts sharing. Everybody is speculating but they are not denying or even confessing anything. Real intrigue this one. Totally addicting.

Anybody want to confess their darkest and deepest secret?

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gabriella archuleta said...
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gabriella archuleta said...

Robert announces that he is single.

He said "I don't have a girlfriend. I don't know why. You always think you're going to get more girls after you've made a movie and it never happens."

so yeah. just giving you info if you don't know. :)

supermummy said...

gabriella, i know that interview from the mirror! and that one has been recycled over and the way robert's rep denied that interview

ANZ said...

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