Friday, September 4, 2009

I am not vain, I just want to look nice. Don't we all?

I am generally a fuss free person but I honestly cannot live without the below stuff. From left Maybelline Smooth Minerals Powder Foundation, Maybelline Concealer and Olay Total Effects.

If not my face will look like this and I will end up checking my face in the mirror for every 5 minutes wishing why in the world the pimple scar has not gone away yet and worse, I will start to pick on the scar using my fingernails. Bad habit, I know.

I used to live in Kelantan and used to wonder how come most Kelantan women have faces that don't need make up at all. I mean their faces are so fair and flawless even without make up, it make me cringe with envy! Must be the Siamese genes.

So I am just wondering, will you go out of the house bare faced? No concealer, no face powder, no lipstick at all?

By the way if you want to learn more about make up, I thought Leeds here is the best! I don't know her personally but just found out her blog a few days ago and I thought it is really helpful. Visit her blog for absolute gorgeoussity (ok so I invent this word.)!

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zAnNa@mAMaBaTriCE said...

perempuan tetap perempuan intan
sama jer ngan zana....
harus tepek bedak w/pun nak gi kedai depan rumah....x sanggup org tengok muka dah cam permukaan bulan nie...he he he

btw...zana pun pakai olay 3 or 4 years rasanyer......

Mama Mia said...

we have something in common - olay total effects. :) i heart this cream

Leeds Al-Malique said...

wahhhhhhh terharunya!

hehe tak sangka ada orang rasa what i wrote tu helpful, ape saje la yg saye tulis merepek2 tu hihi

btw thanks for highlighting my blog, patutla tetibe ramai masuk hari ni :)

salam perkenalan :)

Ms Lola said...

I would. Talking about going out of the house bare-faced.

Tp muka pucat lesi mcm org kena terminal illness :P - because my lip color mmg pucat.

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