Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I had a picture of you in my mind, never knew it could be so wrong

I am experimenting with Flickr and I really heart that thing! Oh ya, did I tell you I have finally managed to cut Husayn's hair? Husband said "dah rupa macam Abu Bakar Elah la pulak.." but my mother is totally lovin' the new haircut. If you are wondering which is which, the haircut is the last pic, the bottom right one. If you ask me, I somehow think Husayn look more like a girl! let's see if anybody ask me that question again..

Been so long since I last experimented with Photoshop. Hopefully after this I am rajin enough to edit my photo to make it look nicer.

I have been reading too many fashion blogs with gorgeous pictures. Oh well..

2 superstars:

Arin said...

intan, try gak photoscape.software tak seberat photoshop..

supermummy said...

arin, ala dah terbiasa dengan photoshop..kehkeh..

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