Monday, September 7, 2009

Guides to Sogo Preview Sale

The previous Friday and Saturday was Sogo Preview Sale. Here's my take on it:

1.Come early to Sogo Preview Sale. Sale usually opened at 9am and it would be great if you are ready at the door by 8.45am. You will save yourself from the horrible traffic in front of Sogo, the horrible queue to pay for your purchase and in case like mine, you will save yourself from terrible back ache for standing still too long.

2. If possible leave your kids at home. Husband and Husayn dropped me off in front of Sogo and then went back home. It did save me from fuming Husband's face because he hates the crowd, and most definitely it did save me from Husayn's crying and screaming. The only downside is I have to carry the heavy plastic bags around and it caused me further back pain.

3. The most sardines-like packed area is the children's floor. My goodness, prepare to be shoved, got stuck in other people's butt, smell that not so nice smell, kids screaming and crying, people sitting on the floor, mountains of clothes that they just 'lambak' on the table. The most crowded area would be the one in front of the escalator. I saw the crowd going through clothes and I nearly fainted. Haha.

4. If you have headache when you see the crowd like me, when in the children's area, go to the least crowded place which is where brands like k-Red, ladybird, snails & sons are. I went there first and did manage a few nice purchases, then only I went to the popular area which is where brands like Miki, Poney, and Seed are.

5. You need to have the patience to sort through clothes. Seriously, I really hate that they just bunch the clothes together on the table. It is really annoying to go through the clothes, find something you like and then ended up the clothes don't even have your kid's size. It's not like the price of the clothes is RM1 that you can just campak the whole thing together.

6. I also always wonder why do sales people/ promoter at department store waste their time folding back all the clothes that has been scattered. I mean it is a preview sale, a lot of people surely will come and scatter the clothes again and again. Totally a waste of time. If they really need to fold the clothes, maybe they can do it less frequently? Say, twice a day would be okay.

7. Sogo should have free wi-fi. Do you know that I queued for nearly an hour and have to stand there with nothing to do? Well, at least if they have free wi-fi I can go online and Facebook-ing? Hehe. But really One Utama have free wi-fi, Sogo should follow suit too.

All in all, I thought I made some nice purchases there. I even got a Voir RM20++ jeans that I don't even bother to try and luckily when I tried at home it fits to a T! Not really sure though whether all the other stuff are really cheap or not since I did not know the exact price. Do you know is there any difference between price during Preview Sale and the usual Sogo Sale? Well, if the price is the same, I think I'd rather go to the usual sale. At least I did not need to torture myself queueing.

3 superstars:

Arin said...

no 6: mmg betul..went to MJ Warehouse sales ..dok terpikir, kenapa lah SA/Promoter nih dok lipat2 baju balik,kesian kat diorg sebenar nya..coz cust datang and punggah balik baju2 tuh..

supermummy said...

arin..setiap department store memang macam tu la i perasan..pelik..

Zuhaini said...

wah.. shopping ye!!! bestnya!!!! :)

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