Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Celebrating Hari Raya away from your parents is not that bad, really.

Somebody said that I am lucky because I don't have any in-laws. Well that save me any mertua vs menantu awkward situation, or so she said. But really, when you are away from your parents (I'm talking about me here, who have been spending 80% of my life living with my parents) during Hari Raya, you do wish that you have your in-laws hand to salam to and ask for forgiveness. But my sister in law has been great to me so I guess I should stop complaining right now. Haha.

Celebrating Hari Raya in Ipoh which is my husbands' side is a different experience indeed. For one, the dishes are different. I am one of the most un-fussy people when it comes to food so I guess anything is okay with me as long as it is edible. I'd be lying though if I say I did not miss ayam masak kicap and lodeh to be eaten with nasi impit.

I did help in the kitchen thought I wonder if it makes any difference if I was not there. My sis in law and her husband was cooking and to think that my sis in law is still undergoing her pantang when she was doing the cooking. Much respect for that! One tip is if you don't know what else to help in the kitchen, just go and wash the dishes instead!

The thing with celebrating Raya in Perak is I will have problems when it comes to visiting husband's relatives. My goodness, I keep saying "aa?" because I thought the way the Perak accent is spoken is too fast and I have a bloody hard time deciphering it. Now I'm talking like it is some sort of code or something. Haha.

But really, I feel so embarassed because I keep having this "can you repeat the question again" look. Getting mixed up with my husband's relatives name is no help either. I really wish I write it down or something and do some sort of family tree to understand it because I am so slow when it comes to remembering names. Seriously I won't blame his relatives if they think I am too stuck up or something because I ended up not knowing what to say and ended up playing with Husayn instead.

All in all I thought it's a wonderful experience and I hope someday I get to celebrate Hari Raya outside Malaysia lah pulak! To tell you the truth, I sort of imagine that the first time I celebrate Hari Raya away from my parents I will be crying my heart out, but this is the second time and everything's been fine nonetheless, thank goodness for that!

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