Wednesday, August 12, 2009

That so-called tv debut of mine at 8tv Quickie

Did you watch the 8tv quickie last night?

Haha..I nearly died of embarassment and soo bloody dead nervous! But everybody has been good about it so I hope it turns out ok. I went to 8tv last night at 10pm but apparently I was told that I was quite early. Someone did my make up first and poof there goes all my pimples! Seriously nearly cried when I have to remove the make up and stare at the pimples again. Hahaha.

After that spent the time lepaking around in the office and hanging out with Belinda and Zher, the Quickie host. They were really super nice and look ultra tiny in person! I must have look like a giant in the tv screen. Hahaha.

Thank goodness the guys from Men's Health were up first or else I would have stammered and stuttered all the way! My husband thought I was all awkward holding my mic like that but I thought what the heck. Hahaha.

All in all had a good time hanging out with all of 'em and apparently I did not take any photo too! Hahaha. But still waiting for this guy who is supposed to send me photo during the interview and I'll put the photo up once he forwarded me the photo. As for the time being here's a photo from Pizli taken in front of the telly!

Anyway you know what you have to do if you still have not do it.
Go to LURVE Facebook. Become a fan. Click 'like' at my video.
Oh yes, and then don't forget to munch LURVE too while you're at it!
Thank you for all the support. I am seriously overwhelmed!

p/s: Mell from Malaysian Twilighters have been kind enough to write post about My Lurve Affair with Twilight in her Twilight blog. Well, actually I beg for her to write it. Haha. But go visit her Twilight Blog and then you can also get to stare at Robert Pattinson's eyes for hours.

p/s2: If you missed last night show and dying to see me went all awkward on national tv, you can tune in for 8tv Quickie on the 25th August too since I will be there again! This time with the other 2 finalist.

See ya!

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hushuss said...

Wah..smlm ka ni? I missed it. Bestnya dpt masuk Quickie at 8tv.

AyuArjuna BiGoshh said...

wahh intan I kalau 8tv quickie call utk jawab soalan pun menggigil...ini lak...kena interview live...wah wah support u...chaiyok2

zh-ena said...

ena tgk k.intan mlm td..cute jea k.intan senyum mcm tu hehehhehe

Jade said...

geram tau i.. semalam duk ralit menjaga anak sampaikan terlupa.. pas tu tgk jam dh kul 11.45 mlm.. padahal tgk Gossip Girl tuh..

Farah said...

alaa terlepas laaa...takpe2 i tunggu yg 25th punye..smlm tidokan anak pastu tertido sekali hahha

Lan0stZz said...

saw it on fb page. its awesome!! good luck yah. grab that moneyyy intan!

precious innocent said...

cit!!! i tlepas la... nnt la nak try cari dlm utube.. huhu

-mama emma®-

:iBuAfiQah: said...

terlepas la tgk intan kat 8tv quickie..
tidokan anak smpi tertido skali...
tgu 25th la plak ye intan..hehehe...

supermummy said...

haha best ke..kalau bole tak nak masuk pon sbb nerves gilaa..hahaha

hahaha..dah terpaksa..bantai je lah..

senyum macam mana aa? hahaha..

takpe..tunggu 25hb yaa

ramai ni tetidokan anak pastu tetido sekali..kehkeh

unfortunately my prize bukan yg 13k tu..mine macbook pro..satu je hadiahnya..tatau la dpt ke tak pon..hahaha

ada ke kat youtube pon? haha

eh ni kes sama cam farah ni..kehkeh

fathinz said...

beb, aku pun tdokan anak pastuh sebbaik alarm henfon berbunyi.. kau sungguh cantik smlm..

whitetulip said... cool. U look so natural..well, from now on, I will become ur fan too!!haha

AsH said...

Hi Intan!

Nice scarf! Saw u on tv and already voted for u. I'm a fan of both Twilight and Lurve. I enjoy reading blogs too, so am going to check out ur blog. U really r a supermum!

Ps: do u have a shlfari account?

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