Friday, August 14, 2009

Redoxon to ward the flu away

These last few days the green apples have really become popular in my mail inbox. Not sure whether it really can ward off the H1N1 symptoms, but here's two different email that I received regarding the green apples.

"Saya ada menerima email mengenai juice apple hijau yang boleh prevent H1N1, alhamdulillah anak sulung saya demam teruk 3 hari lalu, saya bawa ke klinik ambil ubat dan selama 3 hari juga setiap kali waktu makan saya bagi juice apple hijau yang saya blend dengan madu. Alhamdulillah demam anak saya beransur pulih.."

"EAT MINIMUM 6 GREEN APPLES A DAY AND FRESH ORANGE JUICE for those with sore throat please blend the apples and keep on taking till your fever disappear and yr symtoms are gone....I cannot explain it but the child in Shah Alam was ok too after taking this tip.... "

I'm sure lots of you has also received the same email. Thought it's a good tip, well at least there's no harm in trying right? Anyway 2 weeks ago I was also downed with sore throat, cough and flu. I actually went to the doctor twice because I was so worried! It's a private clinic so she said if she were to do the H1N1 test on me, she has to send the test to Singapore and it will take more than 1 week to get the test result at RM500 some more! So I guess that's why they send people to government hospital for the test.

The doctor prescribed me the cough medicine and all those flu medicine, but I specifically asked her for Redoxon. Redoxon is actually a Vitamin C soluble in orange flavour and it usually work wonders on my sore throat. And what do you know, 3 days after that flu, sore throat and cough has miraculously disappear! But of course you need to drink gallons and gallons of water lah and air suam would be nice. I also did consume honey every morning to help ease the sore throat. You can get Redoxon in your nearby pharmacy at less than RM20.

Most important thing is Husayn is ok, but for him to be ok, need to make sure I myself is A ok first. But then when you look at the number of deaths you start to get worried out of your mind. Well at least I did.

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Mama Mia said...

Yup, Redoxon is good. I'm taking it as dietary supplement.:)

supermummy said...

oo ya ke..tu la dulu i selalu makan benda ni tiap2 hari..lepas tu malas..makan bila sore throat je..kehkeh

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