Friday, August 28, 2009

Pissed off %^&*()(*&^^&*(

Sorry for not even blogging properly today. I am on leave and been sleeping too much at home. Haha. I did not even realise that this Monday is supposed to be a public holiday so huray to that too since I got to have 4 days straight off from the office. Last night was tiring since the whole family sent off my kid brother at KLIA and we only reached home around 3 something in the morning. My brother's off to further his studies and I certainly am going to miss him.

Anyway someone was so pandai last night, driving my car - trying to park at KLIA and then ended up hitting other people's car. As some of you might know from my Facebook status, that someone is actually my husband and I was totally mad. Well ok so I am also guilty of scratching my car twice, but it's different when you are the one scratching it since you are actually the owner and to think Husband was totally mad at me that time. So when the situation is reverse, but the same car is in question, you tend to go overboard and go all pissed.

Seriously I'm still pissed, not until I see the scratch all cleared up.

Happy weekend people!

2 superstars:

Liza said...

i totally understand what you mean, mestiler upset kan

supermummy said...

haha betoll..isk

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