Monday, August 17, 2009

My bulging tummy is seriously overwhelmed with all the delicious food!

Yesterday we had this small makan-makan for my brother Aus who will be going to further his studies in Egypt on the 28th. The usual faces come which of course my aunties, uncles and cousins.
That is my auntie ,whom Husayn called Nenek Mummy and my cousin, Kamil.

Husayn was of course looking extra masam like the usual with hair that has gone too long and seriously I am getting sick of the question "ni lelaki ke perempuan?" Thinking of shaving his hair off but I know he will cry like somebody has dera him or something if I send him to the kedai gunting rambut.

The above is actually a birthday cake for me! Hurey! Well, ok so I have to share the cake with my two sisters (and that explain the "Happy Birthday Girls') , but my name is still on the cake..hahaha. Tak percaya? Tunggu aaa..

Here it is! My family call me Ayong since I am the eldest. I wish I could write here who make the cake but I totally forgotten about it since my brother bought that cake.

Husayn cannot stop licking the cake! Seriously he's been eating too much sweet things lately.

The house is so riuh since everybody is talking all at once. My husband on the other hand found this quite funny during the early days of our marriage since he kept wondering who is really listening if everybody are talking. Hahaha.

That's my brother who'll be off to Egypt this 28th! Probably will be there for 4 years and cannot imagine not seeing his goofy face or listen to his absurd jokes for four years! Seriously going to miss him.

Oh, we also had this Dayang Salhah Kek Lapis Sarawak which is definitely my favourite!

My Saturday and Sunday are so full of eating my stomach totally cannot take it. But everything is super delicious so of course it is so irresistible! My stomach is seriously looking like I am pregnant 3 months. Hahaha.

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Arin said...

same goes with husband arin.kalau balik Melaka, dia tgk peel my relatives..sure dia tanya dalam keadaan berbisik.."diorg dgr ke apa yang each other cakap dlm bising2 nih"..kehkehkeh..tapi mmg best pe riuh2..

Btw, ur bro will be at Alexandria ke?ader 2 cousins i belajar kat area situ..

zh-ena said...

seronok tau bila suasana riuh rendah nie..sama la klu kami blk melaka..mmg kdg2 tak dgr aper yg org lain ckp tapi still blh borak gak..

nURmALa mAZLan said...

ye la kak..
kita ni kalau sedara mara dok berkumpul kan.. cakap semua kena terpekik2 kalau x x dengar..wakakakaka`

supermummy said...

haah mmg best riuh..tak kisahla sapa dengar cakap sapa pon..yg penting meriah! tak sure la my brother tu akan ada kat mana nanti..hahah..nnt balik i tanya dia

haha tu laa pasal..

hahah memang..yg tua2 cakap tak berenti..yg budak2 sibuk lari2 sana sini..memang gegak gempita habis..hahaha

white rabbit said...

wahh terliur tgk cupcakes tuuu..hehehhe

Liza said...

my tummy has been like that for the last 7 years and i can't blame it on the food in take :(

ummu_abdullah said...

Wah Sedapnya Sume makanan ni... terliur melihatnya...

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