Monday, August 31, 2009

Leaving on jet plane and don't know when he'll come back again

This is the reason why I took leave last Friday. The whole family was sending off my brother, Aus who's off to Cairo to continue his study. His flight was at 3.15am Friday morning and I was foreseeing that I will be at KLIA during that wee hours of the morning. So what better way than just take leave on Friday? Hoho.

Husayn dan ustaz gergasi. Haha

Not really sure how long my brother is going away though. Could be 4, 6, 10 years? By the time he come back Husayn must be schooling already and don't know whether he will recognise his Wak Witon (itu adalah panggilan manja Husayn untuk my brother. Hehe) But no need to worry, we at home are already equipping ourselves with a nice webcam.

My only two brothers, don't know how both of them got so tall I ended up being so short. Haha. Raya this year would be kind of sad since Aus is away in Cairo, and I on the other hand will be celebrating Hari Raya in Ipoh.

I saw a mother who is also sending off his son at KLIA wiping away her tears while hugging his son. Honestly cannot imagine Husayn all grown up and leave me in Malaysia with Husband while he is off to study overseas. I guess it will be a torn of between letting one of the most important part of your life go and beaming with pride knowing your son has grown up and halfway to realise his dreams.

Bye bye my brother, I've never say this outloud for fear it will sound ridiculous, but really - we're going to miss you loads!

Oh yes, I also almost forgot Selamat Hari Merdeka!

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Arin said...

intan, i know the feeling leaving behind ur precious family..agak sedih untuk seminggu dua, but bila dah jumpa kawan seangkatan..hilang sket..but nowadays, nasib baik ader internet + phone semua..anak-anak kena sellau cari mak ayah la..kang tertunggu lak mak ayah kat umah nak dengar suara kita..

suadrif said...

terima kasih kakakku.. hehe.. doakan aus sentiasa ceria selalu..

ade hari ade bas..
ade mase nnt aus buli balik..



Zuhaini said...

oh siannya...

anyway, kalau tahun ni x balik raya, tahun depan balik la.. :) belikan la tiket murah (time depa buat travel fair!) ;)

supermummy said...

tu laa
nasib baik lah ada webcam cinonet ni..hahah

woii..ingatkan sapa tadi..mak tunggu2 aus call.. kehkeh..cepat la online..mak tu dah rindu aus tu, asyik suruh ayong online facebook ngan ym je..kehkeh

husayn asyik cakap "aus dah pergi mesir..naik kapal terbang.." haha

kehkeh tu la..tatau la camana tu..

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