Monday, August 10, 2009

The Langkawi Trip Part 3

After the cable car, we went to the Harbour which is not that far from cable car.

This place has rows of sidewalk coffee and bar. Quite a nice view actually since the outlets got to have the harbour view and you can watch all this nice boats and wishing the boats are yours too! Heheh.

The below bistro is actually The Loaf which is Tun Dr M's. I was curious about the food though. Is it any good?
Oh if you are wondering where on earth is Jalur Gemilang, the boat is here all tersadai and not in the water at all..hehe

After the Harbour, me and Husayn ended up sleeping in the car while Husband was driving alone. At last we ended up in this Air Terjun Durian Perangin buta few minutes after we arrived it started to rain.

Husayn was of course crying because he really wanted to mandi in the waterfall. Me on the other hand has totally forgotten to bring along his baju mandi which I left in the car. So Husayn ended up topless!

Glad to see Husayn all freshen up and enjoying himself!

After that we wento Dataran Helang. Haven't been to that place for years! The last time was when Princess Diana died which was in the 90s? Hahaha.

Well that's all for now. Sorry for being too lazy to write or caption in the last few pics. Haha. Actually am now blogging at home since my babysitter has some emergency thing so I ended up taking emergency leave today.

Just received email from Nuffnang about appearance at 8tv quickie tomorrow. Seriously if there is any way I can get out of it, I really will. I have never been in front of camera and I am a nervous wreck. I am worst than Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart put together when it comes to interview!

As for now don't forget to vote for My Lurve Affair with Twilight at ! Thank you and you and you very much. Muah muah!

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