Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Langkawi trip part 2

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The 2nd day in Langkawi, we went out around 9 something in the morning. We were totally starving and after pusing here and there, we finally found this quaint roadside house cum warung. Food is delicious and ultra cheap too! Husband ate nasi while me and Husayn had roti canai each and then 2 glasses of teh 0. All that for RM4.90! Oh heavenly!

After that, we went to Langkawi Cable Car. If you are MyKad holder like me you only need to pay RM15 to naik the cable car, but if you are like my husband who is so malas to retrieve his MyKad you will end up paying RM30 instead. Kehkeh.

Husayn of course was crying again as soon as we enter the cable car! I pity the pak arab and mak arab who were in the cable car with us. Mesti pening..hahah.

The above sky bridge was seriously freaking me out. I was holding to Husband for dear life while everybody else lepak near the rail and have a look at the beautiful surroundings.

Seriously I'd rather go jungle trekking here than go skybridge walking!

After the cable car we went to the animal farm which is right next to the cable thing but in the same vicinity. Somebody got himself a new lori bomba after crying his heart out in the cable car. Haha.
.Husband fed the deer. The deers are all so jinak it makes you feel like hugging them!

I was relaxing on the log while Husayn was busy playing with his truck.

There are loads of shops if you fancy shopping here..

Or if you are kedekut like me you can take pic at the various nice looking bridges here for free. Hahaha.

Me and Husayn has just been attacked by the rabbits, so Husayn ended up in taking comforrt with the cat here. Hehehe.

After spending half a day at the cable car area, we ended up having lunch at the food court there. The journey to be continued tomorrow...

2 superstars:

Queenin Murni said...

lor..apsal naik cable car ngan the arabs.. boleh jek naik per family kan? :P

the skybridge pon.. sy menyesal sgt pegi..letih gila! dah la tengahari pulak tu.. huuuuhuhu...

supermummy said...

ha mmg boleh naik per family..tapi bila kita orang dah naik, pak arab tu pon naik sekali..masa nak turun pon sama..tapi nak turun ni dgn org putih pulak..kehkeh

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