Friday, August 7, 2009

The Langkawi trip part 1

Hullo! Sorry for missing for a few days. I just got back from Langkawi on Wednesday, was on leave yesterday and was spending the whole day unpacking, sleeping and getting a good rest before coming to work today. Wonder why I did not take the whole week off instead of coming to work on Friday *sigh*

Langkawi was really nice! Haven't been there for ages and the place has changed a lot! We took Firefly from Subang around noon on Monday.

Husayn was of course crying and refused to board the plane. It was my first time on board with Firefly and the plane ride was ok though it was kind of shaky at first. Husayn sat beside me and ended up sleeping on my lap.

When we arrived the weather is so damn hot! Husband got us a red Chery car and we rented the car at RM120 for 3 days.

Yes the above was our car! It has some kind of Automatic Manual transmission so you can switch whichever you prefer. The space of the car is more or less like a Viva, but since there were only 3 of us, it suits us well.

We stayed at Hotel Helang which is so conveniently situated right next to the airport. As some of you know this hotel stay is totally free and coutesy of the Lil Caliph contest. So thanks a lot to Lil Caliph owner, Molina! The hotel has its own swimming pool and the room is quite big. Sorry for the lack of lighting in the above photo but too lazy to adjust the lighting there..haha. Not really sure about Hotel Helang exact rates, but a friend of mine got a room here for Rm60++ per night by booking through Air Asia. Only thing that I have to complain about this hotel is the Wifi connection which you need to pay! Wish it was free though..

After cleaning up ourselves, we were ready to go out again. Seriously that time I was really hungry like crazy!

With the help of the ever helpful GPS we made our way around Langkawi deciding where to eat. Did you know I installed the Garmin thing myself the day before the trip? Haha..serius bangga!

We ended up at Medan Selera somewhere at Kuah. Honestly that time I don't really mind where we go to eat as long as I got to eat something!

Really I was too hungry to snap any food pic! Husayn was sharing the nasi with me so we both were so totally full!

After that, Husband went to solat Maghrib at a nearby mosque while me and Husayn went shopping at Haji Ismail Group for chocolates! I ended up spending RM300++ for chocolate alone, but that amount include some of chocolates that some office mates ordered. Not really sure which shop has the cheapest chocolates but I was too lazy too scout around anyway.

Husayn was of course relaxing on the trolley while we were waiting for Husband. We ended up at the hotel around 10pm and dozed off 'til the next day......

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Liza said...

lama dah tak gi Langkawi, should start planning for a trip there soon

tulip said...

saya pegi last 2 years. honeymoon!
macam nak gi lg je rasanya.

AQisH said...

i nak gi langkawi bln 10 nnt..bleh x tlg ajarkan camne nak dload garmin tu..nama je ada xpress music byk yg x explore lagi hehe..

tq supermummy ;-)

Fid said...

wah wah wah bestnyaaa 120 tu 3 days ya??murah nyaa

supermummy said...

best best..mmg rekomen utk pergi..

wah bestla honeymoon kat sana ya..

haa bukak website noktah hitam..

situ semua ada..hebat!

aah ok la..agaknya sbb bukan peak season kot..yg ramai org putih ngan org arab je..

Sherry said...

No go langkawi for long time, plan go but always x jadi

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