Thursday, August 13, 2009

Hitting bullseye is something that I still can't get it

If you still have not vote for me: I'd say go to Lurve Facebook now! click! No SMS needed, seriously Vote for free (well you don't have to pay for internet connection at the office kan..tapi if you have office like mine which block Facebook, then don't know what to say lah.Haha)

I actually played my first dart game yesterday and unfortunately that one is not for fun, it's actually for my office sukan dalaman. Hahaha.

That was me contemplating strategy..hahaha..I don't even understand the game for heaven's sake!


Ok first of all, I have never ever played dart before. I don't even understand how the game is played. I mean I don't get it why we need to 'check in' to play dart since I thought that is the term we use when we want to check in hotel or something. In fact after I have been briefed I still don't fully understand the game, but what matters is we just throw the dart away to hit bullseye! Hahaha.

Surprisingly we won our first match though I actually have successfully thrown the dart straight to my office's wall and that wall has two lubang to prove my prowess. Kehkeh. I am so hebat I could hardly contain myself! Haha, shut up Intan. Well actually the secret is in my team mates. Thank goodness' for them!

That was somebody else throwing the dart but you can see the wall at the back which have got the taste of my darts - twice!

Anyway going to play again today so hopefully I totally avoid the wall. Husband is going to pick Husayn after work so I have time to play around in the office. Blisssss. Oops.

Oh ya, I also got this photos during the 8tv quickie recording on Tuesday. Thanks to Zufar for the piccies. He's a real lifesaver and he told me that I can be a Quickie host next because during my interview I actually ask question to the host, when actually it should be the other way round. Hahaha. Seriously, I'd rather not.

'Til then, ciao!

5 superstars:

pizli_mw said...

intan, macam meriah dan seronok je kau punya office..

precious innocent said...

intan, boleh vote sekali je ke LURVE tu?

-mama emma®-

AziE-rAh said...

Kak Intan,
Saya ada tgk masa quickie interview Kak Intan...

supermummy said...

hahaa..jom2 masuk ofis aku..

emma sekali je..kena tekan like tu je la..ajaklah rakan-rakan vote sekali utk gue ya..hahaha

ya ke..ahaha..ok tu mmg memalukan..tapi jgn lupa vote kat facebook. thanks!

Afra Yuri said...

wah supermummy masuk quickie!famous betul hehe

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