Thursday, August 20, 2009

Bad mood Thursday sucks

I am certainly not in a good mood today. Here's the list of reasons

1. My team lost both of our dart games yesterday and we are currently the last one in the overall standings! Urgh. And instead of the wall yesterday I managed to hit the carpet instead. Dah jadi macam main javelin la pulak. Hahaha.

2. Michael Carrick actually missed a penalty and Manchester United lost 0-1 to Burnley. What a cruel joke. Urgh again.

3. Husband has been working late again, and I don't even get to see him last night, even this morning. So when husband is not around you just get all..umm..well you know, ok I hate to say this - lonely? Hahaha.

4. I asked somebody to vote for LURVE Facebook, and she called me a weirdo. WTF. See, I am starting with my swear words now. If you don't want to vote don't go around calling people weirdo, you freak biatch! Ok, kan dah kata. Don't worry it's just someone random, not even a friend.

5. And seriously I need help for LURVE Facebook voting. I am like more than 50 votes behind! If every single of my currently 201 followers would be so kind to vote for me, then I would be so happy! PLEASE.HELP.
I.WANT.THE.MACBOOK.SO.BAD. The worse thing is they don't have prize for 2nd and 3rd place. If not I won't be forcing everyone in my Facebook to vote for me. Sekarang mencari kesalahan orang lain. Hahaha.

6. Pimples are sprouting happily on my face and I don't know why. It really sucks having to hide under the concealer all the time. And what sucks more is next week I am supposed to appear again in 8tv Quickie. Oh well, I actually did managed to have my wedding reception with a huge pimple on my chin. So, I guess nothing new there. Bagaimanakah ingin mendapatkan muka yang licin? Sudilah kiranya meng-share. Hihi.

7. I had weird dream last night. I actually dreamt that I gave birth last night. In that dream, I did not realised that I was pregnant and suddenly the baby pooped out. I even saw the baby's face! Ok, what does this means? When I wrote yesterday "Nanti kalau kamu dah ada adik, taulah kamu" , I did not mean like having the adik right now.

I cannot believe I just came up with 7 reasons why I am so in bad mood today. Wow. Eh lookie what I found on the net.

Bestnya ada stroller-cum-beca macam ni. I can go round and round with Husayn around the city! Coolness! Teringat dulu masa duduk Kelantan naik beca bila balik sekolah dan hanya bayar seringgit. Yang paling best sekali mak saya naik beca sampai rim tayar beca tu patah. Kesian pakcik beca tu.

5 superstars:

nURmALa mAZLan said...

ye la kak
kita pon cam x de mood sgt arini..
sbb mengantuk giler nih..
rasa nk tidur..ZZZZzzzzZ

precious innocent said...

intan, i dah tlg promote u kat fb.. tp xtau la kwn2 i ada vote ke x.. u suruh la geng2 u kat twitter vote u pulak..

-mama emma®-

achee_b165 said...

sabar2.. dah nak masuk bulan ramadhan nie kena byk bersabar..

~sy x leh msuk FB, opis sudah block..mencikkk!!

~p-na mama oja~

supermummy said...

aah la ngantuk pon ya jugakk....


betol....sama macam my office block facebook jugak...bencii...kehkeh

yatie chomeyl said...

i dah lama vote for you..takpe nanti i login hubby i punya FB plak utk vote for u hhehhee

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