Wednesday, July 15, 2009

What I do for a living is kind of tricky question

I've been tagged by Little Mama. I am supposed to post something about what I do for a living here. Hehe, ok tricky question.

As some of you know, I work in a government agency for 1 1/2 year already. Some people might associate working with government 'boring' or not mind-boggling at all, but really I love my job here, and I gotta tell you that I am one fickle minded person, who keep changing minds every few years. I used to work as a designer for 5 years, no surprise there since I graduated from Faculty of Creative Multimedia. But then I got bored, I felt that I was not in the right direction path for my career (ceh career tu! haha), bosses who don't appreciate your work and that was when I joined the government.

Ini adalah semalam apabila memakai baju dan tudung terang seperti traffic light.

So what do I actually do here? Well, I am no longer a designer and my card reads - INTAN ZALANI - Assistant Manager. As an Assistant Manager really, there's no limit on what you could or could not do. I write reports, do directory, monitor the printing room, involve in events, sometimes even organise event, go for factory visits, and I think the last line in my Fail Meja best described it
" Tugas - tugas lain yang di arahkan dari masa ke semasa"

So if you see why suddenly my blog contents lack contents and nothing worth reading, I am doing my service to the country - menjalankan tugas-tugas lain yang di arahkan dari semasa ke semasa. Kehkehkeh.

Remember the question that interviewer love to ask about "How do you see yourself in 5 or 10 years?" If it's me the answer would be definitely pass my PTK and earn more money, go up the ladder to grade 44 and more, and being posted oversea of course which hopefully are somewhere in LA, New York, London or Milan! That would be super cool! You see, I used to have this dream wanting to study or work oversea but never ever got the chance. So what's the best place to work but an agency which have more than 40 offices worldwide and then some more. Tapi janganlah dihantar ke oversea semasa kes H1N1 ni. Haha.. Jadi kesimpulannya diharap impian menjadi kenyataan.
Serius best keje sini, sekarang ada jawatan kosong, siapa nak silalah apply tapi untuk Gred 41 lah. Haha, tolong promote ni.

So..siapa nak buat tag ni?

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precious innocent said...

i dah mintak gomen, tp smp la nie x panggil lg p interview...

padan muka.. dulu nyombong xnak apply gomen, kekonon x hip.. la nie kelam kabut nak try cuba nasib.. haha

-mama emma-

Mama Shazzy.. said...

intan..ape pre-requisite nak masuk position tu? wink wink ;)

syayassir said...

hmm, kalau keje di jabatan lain lambat juga ke nak naik 44?
ingatkan cikgu je kena tunggu berbelas2 tahun nak naik 44... huhu

err, main terjah je..
salam kenal supermummy... :D

supermummy said...

cuba cuba akhirnya berjayaaaa..kehkeh

mama shazzy
kalau 41 tu min degree, kalau ada master lagi bagus..heheh

hmm kalau kat agensi saya keje ni takdela lama sgt nak naik 44..dalam 3-5 tahun tu insya Allah la naik..isk cikgu sampai berbelas2 tahun ke? mak aii lamanya...

Zuhaini said...

erm.. kiranya supermummy ni kerja swasta ka..? best tak kerja swasta..? pressure tak..?

i keje kjaan.. so pressure kurang la.. :)

supermummy said...

aaa..apa pulak swasta ni..gomen la..dulu ye la..sekarang adalah pekerja kerajaan yang takdela berjaya sangat..haha..pressure? hmm tgk masa jugak la..kalau nak keje kerajaan tapi byk pressure marila keje kat ofis saya..kehkeh

Ezznaz said...

camne nak apply intan?aku pun nak try tukar kerjaya ...

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