Monday, July 20, 2009

Watching Man United training session with a Liverpool fan is not so bad at all

Weekend was horrible due to Husayn being sting by a bee and now his face has swollen the size of ping pong ball. Heck, I don't even recognise him anymore! Anyway today is all about the Man U training session on Friday.

I came in red of course. But here's a secret, despite being a Man U fans since I was 13, I have never bought any Man U jersey. Hihihi. We reached Bukit Jalil around 4 something and the place was already swarmed with sea of reds.

Husayn was in his Man U t shirt and the place is totally like pasar malam with food and drinks everywhere! Oh see, I was actually there with Wayne Rooney! Haha..that was husband with his new haircut. I got the shock of my life the first time I saw it.

The training session was free seating, so I managed to grab the best seat available which is not that far from the pitch.

Oh forgot to tell you I came here with a Malaysian fan, my brother! A lot of people kept tegur-ing him and yell "go Malaysia!" as he made his way to the stadium. Certainly, one of the most popular person that day, my brother. Haha.

Sorry I don't have big ass DSLR camera, and this is the best that this cikai camera of mine can give me. What the heck. I was quite disappointed Park Ji Sung was not there, and Vidic too, but from my view, I can definitely recognise Berbatov (since he's the tallest of 'em all!), Rooney (how can you miss that Shrek face! ) and Anderson (the only one with the long hair). They pusing the whole field for three times and FRU was everywhere.

We also did the Mexican wave, my favourite football match 'ritual'!

My 'Wayne Rooney' who is actually a Liverpool fan but who has to bear with me who keep insisting " we just have to go to this training session!"

I lovee going to stadium in the afternoon. Love the crowd and the gorgeous pitch, well at least from far lah. We should have more afternoon match instead of at night!

As we made our way outside after the training session finished, there were crowds outside for the Shout Awards. By the way did you catch the Man U vs Malaysia match? I watched it on tv and I was truly impressed with the Malaysian team! Just wondering whether that 'impressed' feeling will be long live. Can't wait for the re-match tonight and see how Malaysian team will fare!

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precious innocent said...

ada rematch tu, awat x p tgk kat stadium instead? lalala...

-mama emma-

supermummy said...

ala rematch time hari kerja..lagipon nak jimat tak nak beli tiket..hahahah..bole ke camni..oh dan satu lagi sebab paling kukuh, muka husayn dah bengkak semacam kena lebah..tu semua event di hari weekend terpaksa di cancel

nURmALa mAZLan said...

fuh!!! penuh stadium kak
hari ni x pergi lagi ke kak

:iBuAfiQah: said...

dapat gak intan tgk LIVE pasukan MU tu kan..
irnie minat kat Ryan Giggs tuh!
agak2intan bleh tido mlm tak lps tgk MU tuh?hehehe

Bitt said...

omg ignore my comment yg memula i pon tak sure u dpt ke sorry i tak buka mata besar2 coz lappy i hang tadi

Mama Mya said...

wah best nengok bola kan kan kan..

Zuhaini said...

best ya..? saya x pernah lagi pergi tgk match bola.. hihi :) macam sesak semacam je.. hihi.. (best lagi tgk wayang! hahahaha) :)

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