Monday, July 27, 2009

The Twilight Tea Party Experience

Remember my LURVE affair with Twilight? Well, we had this videoshoot on Friday for me to express my huge lurve to Twilight. I had the videoshoot at my auntie's house since her house is empty during the day and I thought perfect for the video shoot compared to my parents' house. I mean really, I don't want my parents to see me doing the videoshooting. It will be total embarassment!

So since the people at Nuffnang asked me to be creative for the photoshoot, I ended up with the above. Thank you to Hostess to the Mostess for providing the download to all the movie quotes and providing most of the ideas. So now you can see it's not exactly my original idea.Haha. Don't you just love the internet?

I actually went to the print shop to print that A4 size poster since I don't actually own any Twilight poster. As for the video shoot session, I was like stammering all over - I mean come on this is my first time being officially video-d so excuse my tongue tiedness there. Tihihi.

That is the supposed to be the dinner table. But we only have one apple each. Wonder why I decorate everything in red and black? Well, that's because it's sort of the official colour for the Twilight Saga book cover. As for the apple, that was a tribute to the cover of Twilight. But seriously sedap gila apple tu. I bought the apples at Giant in a rush because I was rushing to my auntie's house and it was already late. Good thing I grabbed the right apple!

I even have the warning sign here pasted on the door! If you are wondering what is the warning all about, it refers to the incident in New Moon when Bella was attacked by Jasper due to papercut. Just wait until New Moon the movie come out this November and you can see it for yourself, or really just check out the New Moon trailer. It was all there.

That was me and Husayn munching LURVE on the couch. My aunt will going to have a heart attack if she actually saw the mess all over the floor!

And this is me again feeling all relieved because shooting is finally over. You can watch me make fool of myself when they air this thing. Hahaha. Will inform you guys when it will be on air soon! By the way special thanks to Amin and Helmi of 8tv who have been so super patient waiting for me and my lines and then watched me stumbling my lines all over and still be patient. You guys are the best!

14 superstars:

azzamoro said...

cool..tak sabar nak tengok on air!!! :)

okinokiyo said...

ye la tak sabarnye.bila?

Hanz said...

Groovy Intan! I looiikkeess!! Why u did'nt dress up like Bella ker or better Alice?he,he..anxious waiting your video.. :P

Lan0stZz said...

omg im the biggest twilight series fan ever. what is this video shoot for?

precious innocent said...

x sabar nak tgk u in action!!

gosh, bila la haku nak tgk twilight??

-mama emma®-

supermummy said...

hihi..ya allah malu ni..hahah

tentative date adalah 11 ogos..apa2 changes nnt i inform..:)

video shoot tu pon on last minute notice. takdenya nak berpakaian seperti tapi bella bukan suka pakai simple2 je ke..alice yg fashionable sikit kan..heheh

oo ya video shoot for the my lurve affair contest. My lurve affair is with twilight..hahah..

cepatla beli dvd twilight..takpon apa kata kita buat outing untuk mommies yg peminat twilight ataupon baru nak menjinakkan diri tengok new moon bulan november nanti...daddies are not allowed..hahaha

Farah said...

semalam perasan iklan kat 8tv yg lurve affair with celeb tu...supermummy punye skali ngan diorg ke?

okinokiyo said...

eh i nak mencadangkan gak utk mommies pegi tgk wayang new moon nov nanti..apa kata survey?

Lan0stZz said...

owh, lurve afffair is a contest is it? good luck supermummy. and briliant idea buat the twilight tea party.

okinokiyo,i sokong idea u!. its gona be so exciting coming november ierk!

Afra Yuri said...

Twilight as love affair?NICE!!
ive link ya if u dont mind.hehe

supermummy said...

eh tak..i bukan selebriti sponsor yg sama lah tu

survey kata jommmm!! best tu kalau para peminat twilight berkongsi kegilaan menonton new moon di wayang bersama-sama!

haha itu idea ciplak2 dari internet je..hahah..haa jom2 kita tgk new moon di pawagam berdekatan!

afra yuri
hi..thanks for the link luv!

precious innocent said...

ala... i bukannye tau ape2 pun pasal twilight nie.. kang korang² yg peminat twilight sembang, i dok nganga je.... huhu

-mama emma®-

supermummy said...

masih ada masa lagi nak berjinak2 dgn twilight..kehkeh..pegila beli dvd cepat..ha mesti dah tau apa nak sembang lepas tu..haha

Queenin Murni said...

wow!! lurve affair ngan twilight tau!
best best! woulg lurve to see u on air gak! :)

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