Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Sulking Saturday and suddenly has become so smart at fixing dented car.

The worst thing that I imagine could happen to my car has finally happened! Yours truly is so pandai and accidentally hit the tiang and my beloved Persona ended up being scratched.
3 months and now it's cacat already. Well of course, my bad.

Here's how the scratch look like. See the 2 ugly yellow lines there?
I was sulking for two whole days seeing that scratch marks. Honestly if you ask me, I don't mind living with stretch marks on my tummy, but to live with scratch marks on my car is totally unbearable! Husband went to workshop the next day and they quoted RM200 for repainting and some job to make the dent disappear. I was of course sulking even more. Banyak tu RM200!

So that afternoon we ended up going to Brother's Kelana Jaya to search for other cheaper solution and to wipe that sulk out of my face of course. It was fun playing around with Husayn in the car on the way there.

Guess whose stinky feet is that?
Who else but Husayn of course!

I'm not exactly a car buff, but when you have a car of your own, your start to take care of your car like your own husband. Haha.
Here's Husband browsing the Soft99 area. Soft99 is one of the brand for car scratch remover. But me being all prepared, doing my research first in Google suggested to him let's go for Turtle Wax!
Turtle Wax is not a turtle ya. This brand has various range of products for your car. They even have this special products for black coloured car but too pricey lah that one.
I like this one and nearly buy it. Priced at RM42++ This product can wipe that scratch marks away and if you have deep scratch mark you just use the chipstik to colour it back to original colour. This product comes in various colours to match your car.
While me and Husband is choosing the right product, look what Husayn is doing!
And this! He saw this car and of course he wanted to bring back this home..

To my utter dismay Husband has chosen this Scratch & Swirl Remover instead of the Colour Cure Plus. I was sulking again because I thought the Colour Cure Plus will be a whole lots better. Of course he just ignored me, what do you expect when it comes to car matter anyway. Haha.
And look what my car has become...

Except for dent, the ugly yellow lines are all gone! For once, I love that Husband has proved me wrong! Hurray! Husband of course kept bragging that I have saved RM20+ ringgit since the remover is priced around RM20++.

Thank you Turtle Wax Scratch & Swirl Remover! You are a real darling! :)

5 superstars:

Queenin Murni said...

aiyoo... memang ralat bila kereta baru dah cedera.. ehhehe!
anyway..harus cari Turtle Wax Scratch & Swirl Remover.. kereta sy pon dah byk cacat.. huuhuh!

supermummy said...

oo ya ke..ha cuba2..memang best! kehkeh

eynda said...

Haaa...nak cari jugak...ada le jugak scratch skit2 hehe...kelalaian sendiri :-p

precious innocent said...

hoh, tul ke nie? nak cari jugak la.. keta i belambak calar balar nie...

thanx for d informative info.. luv u muah2

-mama emma-

akak tupperware said...

kalau scratch sikit, soft99 pun ok.
kereta aku dulu ada deep scratch, aku pakai soft 99 je.
turtle wax memang mahal. aku agak, mesti hasilnya pun sama mahal.
color cure plus tu aku tak sure macam mana. menarik tapi macam mahal sangat untuk minor scratch.

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