Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Not exactly sick, but definitely tired and stuck with work. Argh!


Today is really super tiring because we reached home around 1.30am last night after attending my cousin's birthday party at Seremban.

It's a low key birthday party since it was held on weekday and some of my makciks and pakciks cannot make it. But nevertheless it was super meriah!

Husayn Zharief's eyes has returned back to normal so the Japanese look is all gone. Hehehe. Husayn was of course all quiet because he's not that familiar with the place. By the way, thanks for all the concerns and wishes regarding the bee stung incident. The mata bulat is back with a vengeance!

Ok now I feel kelakar la pulak because his hair is like that. No wonder strangers keep asking me while pointing at Husayn - " boy or girl?" But really, I like Husayn's hair and trying to preserve the curls. Kehkeh. SO now the hair ended up pintal pintal all over and if you pull his hair it will reach way past his shoulder. Heheh.

Oh yes, I have just been informed that I am selected for the LURVE Top 3! So super duper excited! I'm supposed to have some sort of videotaping session to express my LURVE for Twilight, so I hope everything will work just fine. Watch out for my first ever 8tv Quickie appearance too which is supposedly somewhere in August! Will keep you posted on this later!

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pizli_mw said...

Tahniah Intan.. Aku bangga dengan kau.. Hahaha.. (sambil memancing nak beli macbook daripada kau dengan separuh harga pasaran)

azzamoro said...

congrats... nanti boleh tgk u kt TV..:P

Zuhaini said...

betul la, rambut husayn sudah panjang! :)

erm.. tahniah! :)

Mama Mia said...

Congrats on being in Top 3...a step closer to being interviewd by Henry Golding..:)

nURmALa mAZLan said...

congratz tau...masuk tv la tu nnt..ehehehe~

zh-ena said...

tak sabar nak tgk..

mata husayn dah ok..lega jea tgk..

fathinz md nor said...

conggrets cik intan.. aku tumpang bangga!! nantii inform awal2, leh standby tgk ko keh keh keh..

precious innocent said...

congrate intan!!! leh lawan nie... geeeeeeeeeee

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