Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My very first 3g phone..seriously.Haha.

This is exactly like mine!

I have finally get my hands on the Nokia Xpress Music 5730! Honestly, before this I have never bothered about this handphone thing. I mean as long as I can call and receive call, or sms and receive sms, that should be good enough. But I guess when you have your own blog you just feel the extra need to have a phone with camera, can WiFi, can view documents, can MMS, yada yada...

Here's the benefit of having an Xpress Music 5730, well at least from my point of view lah:

1. Can listen to radio while working in the office! My office blocked all those streaming online radio station and when you have been listening to the same mp3 over and over again, radio stations will be a nice option. Hihi.

2. Husayn Zharief can watch his favourite YouTube video while breastfeeding. Oh I lovee this one! It gets tiring to sit for hours (ok I'm exaggerating here..haha) while I have to layan his request to watch this video and that video and then have to tahan listening to him screaming "Mama ni tak best!". Now I can baring for hours and have the phone in my hand and he can watch the video happily.

3. I have been spending some times reading the supposedly continuation for the Twilight Saga on my phone. Yes, this one is supposedly entitled Midnight Sun and from Edward's point of view (you can download it at Stephenie Meyer's official site if you want to). It gets uncomfortable and my eyes go boing boing at first because I was reading on handphone. The file is in pdf file so you have to scroll here and there and it's 200+ pages. But after a while I get used to it and quite like the idea of reading through a phone. Haha.

4. Have you seen the phone QWERTY keypad? Totally love it! I usually surf the net using that qwerty keypad, but if you don't want to you also can use the normal handphone keypad and just slide in the qwerty one. Coolness!

5. Oh the GPS..I am totally hopeless when it comes to direction so having a GPS at the convenience of my own phone is a great help! But really, this is not like a guarantee that I won't get lost anymore. I know I will. I usually do anyway.

Well it's been a few days and I have no complain about this phone. Only thing is sometimes the camera button is quite hard to push. But the quality is ok lah for a 3.2MP camera phone. Did you know I use the VGA camera for my previous phone? that's a big improvement for me.

If you are wondering why I did not buy the Nokia Xpress Music 5800 instead, it's because I'm not really into this touch screen phone. I have slippery fingers so it's not exactly a good idea to get that type of phone. Hehe.

Ok, gotta go now. Catch ya all later!

5 superstars:

Jade said...

owh.. itu juga hp idaman kalbu.. price dia ok tak intan?? i ni minat je.. harga langsung tak amik tau.. yg i tau dia mahal jer..hahah

zh-ena said...

sama la asalkan blh sms n calling2 tu dh baik sgt la kan..

tapi bila dh lama guna nak gak tukar yg baru kan..

mmg cantik HP tu :D

precious innocent said...

apekah hp ittew hasil dr blogging??? nanana

-mama emma®-

Anasfadilah said...


nak beli satu la macam ni

how much ye?if u dun mind sharing..hhe

p/s::dulu berkenan kat nokia XM5700,yg touch2 tu..heheh

supermummy said...

masa i beli tu harganya RM1296..tak sure la murah ke mahal..tapi i beli kat nokia centre tu..maybe agaknya boleh murah sikit kalau pergi area loyat ke..tryla survey2..

aah..yg hp lama i tu pulak habis dikerjakan husayn sampai keypad dah tercabut..tu yg tuka baru..kehkeh..yg baru ni sekarang sorokkan bila husayn ada..hahah


haa..i beli RM1296...tpi ni harga kat nokia centre..try survey2 mana tau lagi murah kan tempat lain..i hari tu dah nak sangat dah malas nak survey..haha..haa yg touch screen to xm5800. tapi i tak suka sgt sbb bila nak sms susah..kehkeh

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