Monday, July 13, 2009

Missing on Man United tickets and a funeral

Liverpool greatest manager, Bill Shankly (excuse me Rafa Benitez..haha) once said this-
" Some people believe football is a matter of life and death, I am very disappointed with that attitude. I can assure you it is much, much more important than that"

I beg to differ though. On Saturday as I was planning to go redeem my precious Man United ticket at One Utama, I ended up going to a funeral instead at Kg Puah, Gombak (izzit Gombak or Setapak..whatever lah..haha)

He is actually my uncle's wife father and we called him Atuk. I haven't been to his house for quite a few years despite the fact that he also live in KL. He passed away in his sleep on Friday and please sedekah your Al fatihah to him.
That was me under a tree in the graveyard by the way. The above baju kurung is my official funeral 'uniform'. Hehe. I've never wear that to work nowadays, and it will only get to go out in the daylight if somebody died. I even wore the very same baju kurung when I attended my father-in-law funeral 2 years ago!
That's Husband and my cousin, Ian. One smoking a cigarette, the other one sucking on his lollipop. No prize for guessing who did what. The above pic is not at the graveyard ya. After the funeral we went back to my uncle's wife family home and we ate and sleep and lepak some more.
See what everybody else are doing? That's my parents, nyai and uncle borak borak with each other. That uncle of mine actually said to me " Orang Malaysia tak takut H1N1..dia orang takut B1N1 je.." hahah..Paham tak lawak tu? B1N1 = bini.
Husayn was of course happily playing outside the house since there were quite a number of kids. He also kept insisting "Mama..jom pergi kejar ayam!" Haha.

And then I saw the above motorbike! My uncle used to pick me up from school using the very same motorbike and it does bring back old memories. Anyway we ended up staying until the tahlil and went back home at 12midnight. Good thing I brought my perfume along because I was wearing the same baju kurung for the whole day! As for Man United, maybe I'll try my luck elsewhere. Hehe. I read in The Star's yesterday that people actually spent overnight in One Utama just to get their hands on the Man United tickets. Crazy, ha!

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azzamoro said...

i pun ada baju kurung khas untuk funeral. baju yang sama i pakai masa arwah mak meninggal..:|

yatie chomeyl said...

i ada good news 4 you...stumbled upon this while reading one of my friend's blog -->

think it might be superrrrrr interesting 4 luck

supermummy said...

oo ya ke..anyway al-fatihah to your mom..

oo ya ke..i tgh berusaha nak dapat tiket free..tapi takpe, kalau takde sgt belila jawabnya..thanks for the links!

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