Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The lurve screen test @ 8tv got me professing my love for Edward Cullen

This is yours truly in One World after finishing my first ever screen test at 8tv. Why on earth they would want to screen test me? Haha..read on..

Remember the My Lurve Affair with Twilight entry? Apparently, that particular entry was selected to attend the screen test at 8tv last Sunday. There were like 7 of us and I was the oldest and also the only Malay there. I was the last one and while waiting, got to lepak with Elaine, a blogger who I just knew at that screening test.

I am a virgin when it comes to being in front of camera so I honestly don't know how did I fare. I was totally a nervous wreck and kelam kabut all the way, but I did tell the crew and producer I am sooo looking forward to be interviewed by 8tv Quickie's Henry Golding! Hahaha. I simply answer whatever questions they throw at me and I think I would've look terrible in the video.
Anyway if selected to be the top 3, they promised Henry Golding will interview me and I will appear on Quickie, but then come to think of it, fat hopes! Oh well, let's just wait and see..

8 superstars:

mama zharfan said...

wow...congrats for being one of the finalists!!! seriously, i really2 love ur entry on "my lurve affair with twillight" tu..sooo creative & catchy!! all the best yer..who knows u might walk away with the grand prize!! Amiin..

precious innocent said...

pergh!!! hari tu masuk paper.. this time masuk tv lak.. esok2? masuk kat mana lak??

-mama emma-

zh-ena said...

harap2 dpt la msk final kan..

azzamoro said...

good luck...:)

Hanz said...

Dahsyat-lah Intan! Good luck-lah yer. Love your entry on twilight aritu.

supermummy said...

mama zharfan
aminn..haha..tapi honestly tak berharap sgt..tapi kalau dapat alhamdulillah la..kehkeh

esok2 masuk toilet ke..hahaha

haha..tatau la dapat ke tak..kehkeh

thank you!

thank you! itu entry bantai saja tu..kehkeh

AyuArjuna BiGoshh said...

bestnya dapat jumpa Henryyyyy

Liyana said...

congrats ya!!!nanti dah glemer jgn lupa member yek

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