Thursday, July 16, 2009

Keluarga Ultraman telah menyertai kumpulan nasyid Husayn Zharief

The above is Mohammed Husayn Zharief punya kumpulan nasyid. Haha. You have the rabbit that is being choked by the Apit G (gruesome stuff it is!) , the bears, the fish and of course the Ultraman family.

Oh I forgot, there's the panda too! My brother helped Husayn arranged his little kumpulan nasyid. Once everything is in order he will start to selawat. Kehkeh. Husayn's current favourite artistes are Raihan and Sami Yusuf. Sejuk perut mama ni mengandung..hihihi.

Once the selawat is over, he ride his tolo car and wonder what he'll do next ya? By the way his hair is in dire need of haircut. I got a lot of people asking me whether he is a boy or girl! Anyway the rambut already resemble a helmet. Hahaha.

Sorry rabbit yang ber apit G. Did not manage to save you from the ribut that is my son and his tolo car. The same goes to the fallen ultramans too.

On another note, the other day bought this ultra cool highcut converse shoes for Husayn at Moleygarden. Tapi unfortunately tak muat la pulak! Frustnya! Unfortunately the above size is the biggest in red, and I've been searching for ages for a red colour shoes for Husayn. Luckily Melor from Moleygarden has been kind enough to let me exchange the above shoes. But not in red la sebab dah takde size, in yellow pulak. Harap harap muat.

4 superstars:

pizli_mw said...

smart kasut tu..

precious innocent said...

grunge (spelling?) habis kasut husayn... ala2 kurt cobain tu...

-mama emma-

Arin said...

kalau den ader anak lelaki..kompom cari kan kasut gituh..rock bebeh!

zh-ena said...

cantik kasut tu..skang nie klu ena nak beli kasut utk umairah mmg kena bwk dia sekali sbb dh beberaper kali beli asyik tak muat jea @ besar sgt

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