Thursday, July 30, 2009

Immitating Cruz Beckham's hair is not going to be easy

Husayn's hair has gone a tad too messy for my liking and he's the kind of kid who sweat a lot since he can never be still even for a minute.

I acually have to kejar him around the house just to sikat his rambut! By the time I finished combing his hair I felt like I have just finished running the 100m sprint. Haha.

I am still toying around with the ideas of him gunting his rambut at the mamak haircut nearby or just did it myself since that's what I usually did anyway. And then I saw Cruz Beckham's (who is also David Beckham's youngest son) hair and I thought nice! Just perfect with a kid who sweat a lot and have a hard time to comb his hair..Heck, I don't even need to comb his hair anymore! Just some ruffling of his hair here and there will do. Haha.

The thing is I have to send him to kedai gunting rambut if I am going to force Husayn to do that Cruz Beckham's hair and I can already imagine how he will be screaming and kicking. Oh my.Seriously, I am getting irritated at people asking me "ni boy ke girl ni?" Argh. Should have bought a t shirt that read "I AM A BOY" for Husayn..haha.

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zh-ena said...

agaknya mcm maner la muka husayn nnti pas dh potong rambut kan..

pizli_mw said...

aku faham perasaan orang tanya boy ke girl tu..

supermummy said...

hahaha entahla ye..tapi masa baby dulu dia pernah botak..hehehe

haa kau pon dapat soalan yg sama utk umar ke..hahahaa

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