Friday, July 10, 2009

I can never become a millionaire doing MLM but I really want those cool kids t shirts!

This week has gone by so fast and I cannot believe it is already Friday! Anyway, yesterday we had this MLM talk in the office. Ever heard of Steven's Tea Garden? They have this sort of MLM thingy but in this case Steven's Tea Garden is actually a restaurant. I think they have one outlet in Midvalley, ever been to one? Well, in case you are wondering, I am not trying to promote this MLM thing here, heck I am just too lazy to join one though I admit I have been to a number of talks for various MLM companies. No offence to these MLMs, but honestly, I'd rather earn my my money through blogging, easier and can be done anywhere.

Yours truly also have been searching high and low for vintage/bands/rockin' t-shirt for Husayn. That's what you got if you have a mother (sayalah itu!) who spent teenage years wishing she could go to to Woodstock or Glastonbury. Kehkeh. Well in case you are wondering what on earth is Woodstock or Glastonbury, those are super cool big music festival where the biggest bands played. Anyway, if you spot the below shirts (or the likes of it) in toddler size (2-3 year old) anywhere in Malaysia, online or offline do inform me ya!

I heart vintage and I heart the Beatles and the above is actually in Husayn's size!

Too Tough To Cry? Ye lah tu..pergi Sarakids pun nangis, jumpa strangers pun nangis..Haha. Anak siapalah tu ya?I love pop art especially Andy Warhol kind of style and I think the above Jimi Hendrix shirt really got that Warhol look and feel!
And Red Hot Chilli Peppers' are one of my favourite band ever!
Or if else fails, the best option would be forcing your kid to wear the above shirt, so you will look like the best mom ever. Haha.

So if you are selling kids shirt, please,please if you have any retro design/bands/ vintage/ rock n roll shirt do inform me ya. Letih dah cari. All the shops that have this range are all overseas and I've been thinking twice, thrice and even more about the shipping cost. Urgh!
Ok ya, happy weekend everyone!

3 superstars:

l i e y n said...

i love the last one.....
if u got one, make sure to tell me where to get!!!!

precious innocent said...

can boleh custom made.. lg senang...

-mama emma-

Liyana said...

eh intan...bukan steven tea garden tu dah masuk list scam business ke??mcm island red cafe..diapun MLM aritu aku ada forward email scam business kat Malaysia...tapi taktaula kan sape yg ckp betul ni..

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