Friday, July 3, 2009

How to watch Manchester United in Malaysia for free legally, without stealing anyone's ticket (but tickets donors are most welcome here!)

I was rummaging in my room and I found an entry in my old diary dated July 12, 1995. OMG, that was like 14 years ago when I was 14! Reminicing through your old diary is one of the benefits of living in the house that you grow up. Hahaha.Here's the entry:

"I don't care if I got stuck up in the smelly mud for hours, even for days..all I want is to watch Man U play in Merdeka Stadium!! That's all...that's all.."

oh yes and then this one from one teenager (which is me!) full of angst, written on 21/7/1995...

"Mom don't let us go to Merdeka Stadium to watch Man U. It really sucks big time! if only I can find a way to go to Merdeka Stadium. Doesn't she realise this is a chance of lifetime..once in a life..Thanks a lot for saying that mom! What a heck!"

eh ni ada satu lagi on match day itself..
"..don't know why every time I see Man U players' faces I just want to cry & cry..yeap, I feel like I really miss 'em..I really can't stand it! I just want to burst into tears..that's it..Red in my veins, red in my heart, red 'till die..Forever Red!"

Ok ok I'll spare you all that emo and misery. Haha. Kan dah kata, I was 14, what do you expect anyway..
Believe it or not 14 years ago was the very first time Sir Alex Ferguson's team set their foot on Malaysian soil. We were living in Kota Bharu at the time and I remember pestering my parents to go watch Man U but of course mom and dad refused outright. I did manage to catch Man U when they came to Malaysia a few years back. And as you guys know Manchester United will be playing again in Malaysia on the 17th of July. Hurray!

So prepare yourself for an army of Red Devils in Stadium Bukit Jalil hopefully with all the first team in tow. Too bad Ronaldo has left, if not we might got to catch the prima donna himself flicking the ball on his feet!

So are you guys going? My husband hates Manchester United with all his heart though since he's a Liverpool fan. So since he refuse to buy any ticket, I am now resorting to trying to find free tickets via The Star. Haha. Interested to get free tickets to the match? Here, read on..

IN CONJUNCTION with the Manchester United Asia Tour 2009, The Star together with ProEvents is giving away match tickets and training session passes to 500 lucky readers.

To participate, all you have to do is collect seven (7) coupons available in The Star for seven consecutive days from July 1 (Wednesday) to July 7 (Tuesday).

Ticket redemption will be on a first come first served basis and will take place on July 11 (Saturday) at Studio V, 1 Utama, Petaling Jaya, from 11am to 1pm.

Readers will stand a chance to walk away with one match ticket worth either RM58, RM68 or RM308 plus an exclusive training session pass.

Each reader is entitled to only one set of tickets.

Lucky readers who win the RM308 match ticket will also get a chance to meet United’s official mascot Fred the Red on redemption day.

For further details, call Nelsen Ng at 03-79671388 (ext 1456).

What do you think are my odds in being the first 500? I think I have to camp out at Studio V to beat the crowds! Haha..the kiasuness of me talking there. I can't believe whoever win the RM308 tickets only got to meet the mascot Fred the Red. They have got to be kidding! Who want to meet the mascot anyway? Kasila jumpa Wayne Rooney ke kalau berani wey..Nemanja Vidic pun jadilah..hahah.
This is Fred the Red. Tak jumpa pun tak apa tau. Hihi.

Oh yes, another way to win free tickets is by listening to ERA. Yes, Radio ERA lah tu, not Gugu Gaga Erra or any funny funny show ya. Here's the details, peeps:
Anda juga boleh memenangi tiket melalui penyampai-penyampai kami di ERA. Dengarkan petikan lagu tema Manchester United di udara dan sekiranya anda terpilih sebagai pemanggil terkini yan berjaya menembusi talian 03 9543 3355, anda berpeluang memenangi 4 keping tiket untuk menonton perlawanan diantara Man United menentang pasukan Malaysia XI.
Pemanggil terkini kemudian haruslah menjawab satu soalan mudah mengenai Manchester United dan menyanyikan lagu tema untuk memenangi 4 tiket tersebut!

Ok, I don't listen to the radio often, unless when I am driving so fat chance there of winning through ERA. But nevermind, I'll try to figure something out. Or if you are so generous and have free tickets that you want to donate to me, do leave me a message. Hehe:) I promise I will make the biggest ad for you in Malaysian Supermummy and keep it running for years and I'll mention your name everyday as long as this blog exist. Haha. Betul ni!

By the way, does anybody know whether 2 year old kids do get to enter the stadium for free during the match? Because I am thinking of bringing the below future Eric Cantona to this match too! Oh well*tengah berdoa dapat tiket free* Haha.
Semoga impian saya menjadi kenyataan.
Happy weekend!

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Zuhaini said...

ahaha.. saya pun nak tiket free! :) tapi saya pun x dgr era.. mcm mana..? :D

erm.. tu future Eric Cantona ka..? i thought Future David Beckham! haha :)

(tatau kenapa, i masih lagi minat kat Becks.. haha)

precious innocent said...

u xleh dgr era online ke?

-mama emma-

yatie chomeyl said...

gudlak dear.. hope u stands a big chance to get the free ticket... even if it means that you have to bring ur sleeping back and sleeps in front of the studio V a night before the redemption day hahaha

nURmALa mAZLan said...

aha kak..nnt Man U nak datang M'sia sempena Asia Tour..ahaha~ akak minat Man U rupanyer..ehehe~

Bitt said...

hope to c u there ;)

supermummy said...

haha...alamak saya alergic ngan beckham..haha..walaupon time dia main ngan man u dulu..kehkeh..

ofis yang hebat ni telah block semua streaming radio termasuk lah era..haha..

hahaha..tu la sanggup ke tak ni..hahah

nurmala akak rasa mcm penah baca mala tak suka man u sangat ke apa ya..hahaha

eh ur going ke..lucky you..kehkeh

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