Saturday, July 25, 2009

Conversation with Husayn

A conversation I had with Husayn yesterday:

Me: Ni siapa conteng-conteng cadar ni?
Husayn: Adikla mama yang buat tu..
Me: Apsal adik conteng ni?
Husayn: Sebab adik nak naughty naughty lah mama...

Haha. Seriously, how do you answer that? Sungguh tak percaya budak comel yang cakap banyak ni adalah anak saya. Meh sini mama cubit sikit. Hihi.

Yes, the above is truly Husayn's artwork on my bedsheet. I don't know why but I thought that drawing is really adorable. Never mind for the fact it will stay there forever. Heheh.

p/s:Can you believe it that Yasmin Ahmad has passed away? just watched the breaking news at Astro Awani and totally in shock. Makes you think how your life can be snatched away any second once your ajal is due. Al-Fatihah to her.

2 superstars:

precious innocent said...

alfatihah to arwah...

-mama emma®-

PFA-Now Everybody Can Smell Good! said...

Intan, bijaknya anak u .. cian ur cadar but its ok ...he's creative ..

i duk suka2 baca ur writing then tetiba terkejut badak bac pasal Yasmin Ahmad. I tau she passed away dr ur blog fatihah to her .. sedihnya ...

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